4 days left for AIEEE Exam
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Are  you scared, AIEEE exam is not difficult yu can easily crack it.


AIEEE exam is on 29th April, Only 4 days left. You might be preparing for the exam. Do you know how to attempt AIEEE Exam?  With proper planning get high score in the entrance is possible.

Let me tell you Cracking AIEEE Exam is not a big deal, It just need your complete attention and proper preparation.

  • Now it’s the best time to start practicing the model papers, Taking online test and solving previous year papers
  • Remember most of the AIEEE paper contains 25 % Difficult Questions and 60 % Average Questions.
  • While practicing analyze the same pattern question and question format. Then prepare accordingly.
  • Implement your own way of solving the problems within the time. Don’t use calculator during your practice.
  • Speed and quick grasping will save your time and accurate to high scores. It may also lead to ruin your results if you are over confident and less accurate in answering the question.
  • While practicing the Problem see the solutions only when you have completed that paper
  • In exam First solve the easy questions and average questions that will fetch you high score and later you can do with difficult one.
  • Know the concept first and then try to solve the answers.
  • Practice the question papers as many times as you can so that it may speed up your grasping power.
  • Do not try to work out the problems, understand the concept and try to find clue to solve them.
  • You can score more if you follow the above tips and don’t be tensed while solving the paper that will drag out your time.


All The Best for your exam