Score Top marks in 10th class
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Read every subject interestingly and revise them frequently. These are the basic points to remember, Score more marks in 10th class. Frustrated and tensed for 10th Board exam. Obviously this kind of environment is most common for students. Reading the subject by listening to music and practicing maths by watching TV is not a good process for exam preparation.
  • Start preparing for the Exam before the exam date comes. As the days are near to the Exam rushing through the subjects is not a good practice. Prepare proper planning will leads to become topper.  
  • Determine yourself to become topper and put complete efforts, hard work and concentration on your studies.
  • Physical activity and games are also important but don’t break your study time for it. Complete the day portion and then go for games.
  • To prepare for exams, divide your subjects into two groups, one as languages and the other as main subjects. Be thorough with your academic books for main subjects and also practice bits. To prepare for languages you need to keep special focus for grammar and also be preparing for prose.
  • Clear your doubts in study hours conducted in school, don’t neglect study hours in schools that built a competitive spirit in you and also comfortable for clarifying your doubts. 

Methods to prepare for each subject:

Telugu: Practice the bits from the academic books, be thorough with the prose and poetry and also practice the subjects from model papers provided by manabadi , news papers and others books.

Hindi: It is very easy subject, Prepare the subject along with the letter writing and poems in it. Be thorough with hindi.

English: It needs lot of efforts and more time to prepare this subject. Prepare grammar and letter writing perfectly. Prepare from previous papers and also thorough with prose and poetry.
Maths:  Depend on Academic books and practice bits completely. Be prepare with every sentence, every line and through with the problems. 10days before the exam practice previous papers only to test your ability.
Science: Depend only on academic books. Be perfect with bits and units. Don’t leave any unit, any chapter in it. 
Social: Depend on Academic books, focus all your concentration completely on this subject. Every part in it is important to be through with your subjects.
  • Most important is your writing, presenting your paper and techniques used to attract the valuar.
  • Under line every side points, it’s better to write answers in points mainly in main subjects (social, science and maths).
  • In maths draw box around every formula, definition and answers obtained.
  • In science, highlight definition by drawing box and under line all side points.
  • In social write the answers in points and present it neatly. 

While studying keep notebook and pen with you, write every important point in it . When you get time revise them early hours of the day  so that you can remember them easily. 

Don’t waste your time
Parents have to cooperate with their child during preparation provide healthy food not junk foods.
Be confident and remeber all these tips.
It may take some time to keep in to practise, keeping your exams in mind schedule your time accordingly 
Be safe and concentrate on your studying you can get good rank.