Preparation Tips for DSC 2014
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DSC Exam pattern has changed so it may be a bit difficult to the candidates to prepare for DSC 2014

Follow these tips:


1. After qualified in APTET Candidates must write DSC to become teachers. When compared with DSC 2008 Government has changed the syllabus and topics in the subjects so it is very important for the candidates to read every subject with conscious. 

2. DSC 2014 exam contains 80 marks with all the subjects. Candidates must be careful in preparing for the exam because they are going to face strong competition for DSC. Now government has decided to combine 20% of APTET marks in DSC exam. So candidate need to do lot of hard work for the DSC 2014 exam. 

3. For School assistant candidates need to concern about their subject but for SGT Candidates have to read the entire subject Telugu, English, Maths, science and social. SGT candidates have to study 5 methodologies. One best advantage for SGT is that Mostly the TET Subject will be covered in this Exam. In TET they might have covered methodology up to 7th class but now in DSC SGT candidates have to prepare 8th class methodology also. 


 4. About Gk , It is entirely new when compared with TET,  Prospective of Indian education topic is similar as TET exam topic  only. 

5.If we observe TET Exam over all the paper is so tough, the telugu language, Maths, GK, English all the subjects are prepared with high profession language. So we may not expect DSC paper in same manner. Try to read the topics in different ways Telugu academic books are preferable for you. 

6. For GK Candidates has to read the topics starting from Past 6 months till now. 
7. For content candidates have to follow the prescribed classes syllabus.
8. For methodology follow B.Ed books and also analyze the strategy of question from previous papers and then try to prepare accordingly.
9. Candidates are worried about prospective of Indian education. In this topics can be divided in to 4 
a.Learning  issues- All from Psychology or from pedagogy 
b.Government Initiations- Government policies for education, Government programs…
c.School management- Role of teacher, headmaster.
d. Philosophic thoughts of Indian education- Thoughts of Indian leader and soon
So these are the topics covered in Content
10. For School Assistant Candidates have to study from 6th to 10th subjects. For Gk candidates can follow vijetha books, udhogya sophanam books.
11. For current affairs depend on monthly General books.
Give preference to Content next methodology.  Prepare notes for every topic. Don’t read classes wise better you can extract the topics from every class then study accordingly. 
12. While preparing DSC concentrate only on the exam don’t deviate on another works.  Focus on the subject prepares your own strategy in preparation.  Prospective of Indian education topic is from B.ed Paper 3.
13. Time management for DSC Exam for SGT, SA , Focus content for 4 hrs a day, 1 and 30 min for methodology, Prospective for 1 hr, For maths practice it daily, for others practice writing skills.  Time management is very important, schedule all subject in every day.  Depends on its priority allocate the time. 
14. Government has announced that candidates should prepare for intermediate syllabus also but prepare the concern subject comparing with inter subject that’s it. But don’t read every topic of it.
15. Don’t be excited about exams be cool while studying for exams. Study the subjects by scheduling per day. Practice writing your own notes while reading the subjects. Follow above tips then you will score high marks in DSC.
All the best for the exam.