Drawbacks in DSC GK 2009 paper
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Exam and Interview are the two various type of examining the aspirant completely. One type is that it will examine how much they know and the next one is that which examine the aspirant how much they dont know.
The entire pattern of conducting test is changed in DSC- GK paper
*Falsehood word to truth about GK can be seen in SGT and PET GK papers of the DSC 2009 paper in which they asked about non priority questions and less important questions
*Build is a journal published from the Germans, it was not given as answer in the options
*Last year all around 133 padma awards were given and it is very difficult to remember all the people and their awards. But in DSC GK they asked for whom it is not given.
*The year ago News which has less important where asked in the GK paper like the Last year June best supporting actress, What is the cyclone name in myanmar, How many infrantry schools in AP, When would be the Andra pradesh Legislative council election would. All these questions are not so important to ask in DSC GK.
*When comes to The School Assistant (Biology) GK They asked about Miss Universe, Miss Earth, UPs expected Chairman and about Big Boss a television show. Such a useless question are not required and now all the coaching centers will start providing all these kind of materials to the aspirants
*Questions should be superior level of performance. SGT, PT papers are better than School Assistant (Biology). Hopefully all the other post papers may be prepared in same pattern?.......!