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International Current Affairs 2010
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NATO forces carried out Marjah operation (dubbed Moshtarak) against Taliban forces in Afghanistan.
European Union summit was held in Brussels. EU & IMF decided to giving support to Greece in its struggle to bring its ballooning budget deficit under control. EU President is Herman Van Rompuy.     
Iran’s President Mahmood Ahmedinejad declared that Iran had produced first batch of 20% enriched uranium and now Iran became a nuclear state.     
Iran launched ‘Kavoshger -3 rocket’ capable of carrying a satellite. It carried a mouse, worms & two turtles.

Gilgit Baltistan region elected its first Chief Minister Mehdi Shah on the basis of Gilgit Baltistan Empowerment & Self Governance Order 2009. The new appointed CM declare the Gilgit Baltistan region as 5th province of Pakistan. The Indian Govt has, however, of the view that the region was part of J & K, and thus objected to the remarks of CM.    
Venezuela devalued it currency ‘Bolivar’.

A massive earthquake strike Haiti, the Carribbean nation. Capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. 

Mahinda Rajapaksa won a second term as Sri Lanka’s President. He belongs to Sri Lanka Freedom Party.