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Quick Stain Removal Tips
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Chewing Gum

  • Remove excess gum
  • Hold ice cube on the gum until it is hard
  • Scrape off the chewing gum
  • Launder garment
  • If possible, leave garment in the freezer for a few minutes until the gum has harden then scrape off

Blood Stain

If you get blood stains on your garment, try and treat it as soon as possible. Once the blood has had time to set it will be harder to get the stain out of the garment. If you are able to treat the stain straight way; try and soak the blood in cold water while rubbing the affected area with your fingers until the blood comes off.

  • Mix equal parts of water and ammonia.
  • Blot stain with cloth gently
  • Rinse in cold water

Red Wine

  • Add salt to the stain (you will notice the salt turn pink as it soaks up the red wine)
  • Soak garment in cold water containing biological detergent (soak overnight)
  • Launder garment
  • Vinegar will also take away the stain - blot garment, if you rub the stain it will set into the garment. If you can immediately pour white wine over the red wine it will also make the stain vanish.

Stubborn Red Wine Stains

  • Place a cloth inside the garment
  • Mix 1 x detergent + 2 x hydrogen peroxide (note: hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent which can also remove colour).
  • Blot garment with solution
  • Launder garment in cold water and detergent, then air-dry


Candle Wax

  • Candle wax can be effortlessly removed, just follow these simple steps below.
  • Scrape off excess
  • Place garment between paper towels
  • Press stained area with warm iron
  • Replace paper towels as needed until all wax is removed
  • Launder garment

Lipstick or Makeup Stain

  • Try and treat lipstick stains immeadiately as it can become a little more difficult when it has had time to set.
  • To reduce the chances of lipstick stains - always remember to leave application until the end (once you have all your clothes on).
  • Blot the inside of the stained area with a dry-cleaning solvent
  • Rub liquid detergent into stain
  • Launder garment
  • Repeat if needed

Grass Stains

  • Treat stain with an enzyme pre-soak product
  • Launder garment You can also try the below if you do not have any pre-soak product available.
  • Mix warm water with vinegar
  • Pre-wash garment in mixture
  • Launder garment


Mud Stains

  • Remove excess
  • Treat stain with liquid detergent
  • Launder garment
  • For stubborn stains, soak in detergent for 30 minutes then launder. If stain has set, soak for a few hours (remember to read garments care instructions).

Perspiration/Cooking Oils/Grease/Motor Oil

  • There are numerous stain removal products in store these days to remove perspiration, oils and grease - ensure you read the label and follow instructions carefully.
  • Treat stain with pre-wash stain remover
  • Leave for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Launder garment If you do not have any pre-wash stain remover available, try rubbing white vinegar onto stain and launder as usual.

Ink (Water Based)

  • Water based ink is usually easy to remove, just follow the steps below.
  • Place garment on clean cloth (stain facing down on cloth)
  • Blot garment (stained area) with a damp clean cloth (use normal water)
  • Apply liquid detergent on stain
  • Leave for 5 minutes
  • Launder garment in warm water (ensure you check garment label before using warm water)

Ink (Permanent)

  • Permanent ink stains are a lot more difficult to remove than water based. Chances are you won`t be able to remove the stain. Garments that can be bleached have a higher chance of removal being successful.
  • Blot stain with denatured alcohol
  • Place garment down (stain facing down) on paper towel
  • Blot stain until all ink is removed
  • Replace paper towel as needed
  • Launder garment

Stubborn Permanent Ink Stains

  • Apply dry-cleaning solvent on stain or nail polish remover (please carefully read instructions of product used as not all fabric can handle dry-cleaning solvent or nail polish remover.)
  • Launder garment