Physical Activity Around the House for your Kids
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Our days are hectic and busy, filled with all sorts of events and chores making it difficult to find time to be physically active on some days. Here are some suggestions on how to be physically active in your home, doing things you would have to do anyway!

Get your kids active while doing housework: Place a sticky note on all of the items that need cleaning or tiddying (like the kitchen table, the sofa, the bed). Your child will collect each sticky note after they clean the item. Make it a friendly competition to see who collects the most stickies. You could even offer a prize (like a Frisbee or jump rope from the dollar store) for the winner with the most stickies. Your kids will be physically active, helping with household chores and having fun!
Increase the intensity of household chores by using time limits:
Put on a favorite CD and allot a certain number of songs to complete each chore. For example, allow two songs to vacuum the living room, three songs to wash the dishes, and one song to pick up toys in the playroom. You and your kids will be moving faster and working harder to beat the clock, causing your hearts to pump harder and get stronger.

Get the entire family involved: After dinner, assign everyone a task in the clean up. Everything from clearing the dishes, loading the dishwasher, and putting away leftovers can get the family up and moving. Finish off the evening by going for a family walk or doing group physical activities like stretching. Not only will everyone be out of their chair, but this will also be fun bonding time for you and your family.
With a little creativity, you will be surprised by all the ways you and your family can be physically active in your very own home!