Maths is your problem is the solution
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Many of us fear about Maths problem where you need to apply your brains. It doesnt take much time to become genius with maths only the hidden secret is to practise the problems and one more thing to say you need to know how to solve the problem and what technique you have to use. Picture your brain like a giant filing cabinet full of file folders and the hard part is remembering the headings on the file folders.

1.Know how to distinguish between the various types of problems. This is the hardest part.

2. Most math texts have chapter tests at the end of each chapter. Try one problem from each section. Make a note of their differences. Write down the first step to each problem -- this is usually the hardest to remember.

3. Go back to the section in the text where you are having difficulty. Follow the examples making sure you understand each step. This takes time.

4 .Reading a math book is not like reading a novel. It goes slowly. It may take you 20 minutes to go through one example problem.

5. Don`t leave preparing for a test to the last minute. Make sure you leave time to ask questions in class AFTER you have studied.

6. Do as many problems as you can until you feel comfortable with the material.

7 .In the class session a day or so BEFORE the test, ask the teacher to please point out any major similarities or differences among the various types of problems you will encounter on the test.

8. Get the phone number of someone in your class who won`t mind if you call them with questions.

9. If possible, form a small study group with members from your class and meet periodically during the semester.

10. Math is a cumulative subject. You REALLY need to understand today`s material to understand the material the next day. Ask questions immediately in class as soon as you don`t understand anything. Don`t just "let it go".