A Secret for Parents
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As kids we often want respect from our parents. We get angry and find it difficult to communicate with family. Trust me it gets easier. As we grow you learn the value of respect and how it is shared both in your relationships with others, and in how you are perceived by others.

Respect Yourself First: You cannot have lasting relationships or friendships if you cannot respect yourself. Learning to respect yourself and who you are is one of the first steps to building a strong life.

Create your own style: Dont follow the paths of others. Be a leader not a follower is a motto I carried most of my life. You may or may not be good at sports, crafts, arts, and other activities, but you do have talents that you love and you should find your passions and pursue them. Style changes as will you, but making your own way and not conforming to others beliefs will ultimately bring you down.

Enjoy your youth: Enjoy friends, hanging out, and finding yourself. Often times we find ourselves wrapped up in drama and problems that seem so big at the time. Take a step back, offer your advice and move on.

Listen: When you listen to others you often find the real issue. I always say problems are like onions. You have to peel the layers to get to the root of the issue. Once you find the real root issue you can then pursue the real answers that are needed.

Dont mis-lead others: It is dangerous and ultimately degrading to you when you portray yourself other than whom you really are. Being yourself is one true way to respect. You dont need sexy clothes, lots of makeup, change your age, or act older than you are just to get attention. You will find that the attention you get from being yourself is very rewarding and will give you lasting relationships.

When you learn to respect yourself, you find yourself. Once this happens you will be surprised at how much you learn from others and how much more respect others give to you in return.