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Would you like to take an easy general knowledge quiz with us? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Get started now...


If general knowledge is "general", how come the questions seem so tough to answer? Many a times, you`ll meet a friend and he/she will ask you a simple question like, "Which is the largest country in the world according to total land area?" Do you know the answer to this? It would be a shame if you didn`t know the answer right then and there, right? The answer is Russia, by the way. There are so many people, including you and me, who are unaware of certain facts in the world that it makes you wonder. Now don`t get me wrong here. I`m not asking you to purchase a big book on general knowledge questions and start memorizing the answers. What I want you to do is take an easy general knowledge quiz given in this article. If you can get all the answers correct, we give you a bright star (imaginary); but if you made mistakes on some questions, then this quiz can be a good revision for you. So? Shall we begin? All the best!


Free General Knowledge Quiz

The answers to the quiz are given right underneath the questions itself. But I have a request; please don`t cheat and look at the answers before attempting them. Try to think of the answers or guess them, if you have to, and then see if you got the right answers or not. Here`s our easy general knowledge questions for you.

Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions - History

Who is considered as the "Father of Geometry"?

The oldest parliamentary democracy in the world is?
Great Britian

When was Lord Buddha born? As in, which century?
560 BC(6th Century BC

Alexander the Great found which city in Egypt?

The Japanese parliament is called, what?

Who killed Julius Caesar?

For whom were these words mentioned - He never said a foolish thing, nor ever did a wise one. Hint: He`s a British King.
King Charles II

During WWII, a German-Jewish girl was hiding in an attic in Amsterdam. She also wrote a diary which is very popular. What is her name?
Anne Frank

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Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Geography

The name "Pacific Ocean" was given by whom?
Ferdinand Magellan

Which is the highest town in the world?
Wenchuan Tibet.It is 5100m in Altitude

Which is the coldest place in the world?
The Pole of cold in Antarctica.It is _57.8c

A state in Australia is an island in itself. Which state is this?

Which is the lowest mountain range in the world?
Buena Bhaile

Which is the largest gulf in the world?
Gulf of Mexico

What is the name of the continent where the Sahara desert is?

The Mount Everest is in which country? Here`s a hint, it`s not India.

Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Science

Which organ in our body filters blood?

How many planets are there in our solar system? What are they?

The "Theory of Relativity" was developed by whom?
Alebert Einstein

What travels lighter and faster than anything? Is it light or sound waves?
Light Waves

The study of plants is called...?

A shape with 8 sides is called what?

The "Theory of Evolution" was developed by which naturalist?
Charies Robert Darwin

An invisible force is responsible for holding us on Earth. This force helps us from falling off. What is this force called?

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Easy General Knowledge Quiz Questions - Literature

Which is the longest poem in the world?
Mahabharata.It is 3,000,000 words long.

A sonnet has how many lines?

Which famous freedom fighter wrote "My Experiments with Truth"?
Mahatma Gandhi

William Shakespeare`s play called "Twelfth Night" is also known as?
1001 nights

In Arabian Nights, Scheherazade told her stories for how many nights?
Robert Burns

The poem "Auld Lang Syne" was written by which Scottish poet?
Peter Pan

What is the name of the boy who can fly and refuse to grow up?
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who said this famous quote - Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone?

I`m sure that if not all, at least some of the above mentioned questions were easy for you to answer on your own. If you want more general knowledge quiz questions and answers which you can go over. Hey and if you have any questions that you`d like everyone (or us) to answer, then please feel free to leave us a comment below. Oh and here`s another question for you to ponder on. In a pack of cards, total 52 cards, how many EYES will you find? Do you know the answer to this one? Come on, try it. Give up? A total of 42 eyes in 52 cards. Pretty cool, huh?!