Role of teacher in the society
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The role of a teacher is very important to a society. A teacher has many responsibilities to a student. He influences the growth and development of a student along with knowledge. Here are some of the definitions about teaching, in various fields such as the definition given by the educationalists and some of them are the product of discussion.

Teaching is a continuous process. All living things have a power to teach. Generally, teaching process that exist in schools and colleges are more difficult and it must be defined in a various thoughts. Teaching is an art to handle the students, with an appropriate method for to act them accurately. Students must respect the good teacher, when his teaching talent will become more interesting. It will influence to them, because the teaching aim remains motivation. There must be no any other aim for to teach, it is only for to give the motivation at all levels. Teaching is a process that improve the student`s seeking level more easily and it might be overcome any situation as an easy way. There were so many educationalist were given their contribution, in the definition of teaching.

Defining Teachers:

Teaching is a social process, to define it is very difficult, because the teaching influenced by the political and social backgrounds of the country. A teacher has an ideal position in his class. When he followed a strictly managing class, the students should become a listener only, there they will not make a discussion during the process of teaching. Marrison has defined the process as, "This teaching is an intimate contact between a more mature personality and a less mature one which is designed to further the education of the later."

While teaching, a democratic base teaching process, is a real sense of enjoy all the freedoms. The teacher-students remains active and get a real freedom for asking questions and discussing the difficulties. There are so many educationists, complimented their definitions about teaching. Here, some of them are following.
Teaching is a form of interpersonal influence aimed at changing the behavior potential of another person
Here are some discussing product of the above topic. 
  • A good teaching means, there will be a practice of encouraging contact between students and faculty, encouraging active learning, giving prompt feedback and respecting diverse talent and ways of learning.
  • Teaching is a process, where students are treated as consumers of knowledge. It does not always have a fixed agenda and being rigid, but being flexible, fluid, experimenting, and having the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances.
  • Teaching is a systemic enquiry about the ultimate realities in the universe. It is a study of general principle and understanding of all that comes between human experiences. 

 There are two type of teaching 

1.Formal-Which is systemic deliberate direct and consciously impart by specially 
2.Informal-it is teaching one get the outside class room. 
A ISC member Berry suggests the following five key factors that provide a foundation for a good teaching:
1. Teacher knowledge, enthusiasm and responsibility for learning.
2. Classroom activities that encourage learning.
3. Assessment activities that encourage learning through experience.
4. Effective feedback that establishes the learning processes in the classroom.
5. Effective interaction among the teacher and the students, creating an environment that respects, encourages and stimulates learning through experience.
Teaching can be interaction among the teacher and the taught as far as it is related to imparting of the knowledge to the students, to cover almost every aspect of education which the students are expected to learn from a teacher and which the teacher will teaches them using all the teaching techniques and aids available to teach. This includes motivation, encouragement and character building of the students. A good teacher must understand each students in a way that they can be useful citizens of a nation. People may try to define teaching in their own way but whatever the definition is given it must include the training in various subjects of study as well as the building of the personality of the students.
Characteristics of good teaching:- 
1. It creates self motivation of learning.
2. It gives desirable information.
3. It focus on selected information. 
4. Effective planning.
5. It is progressive.
6. It is based on democratic ideas.
7. Working as a friend, philosopher and a direction. 
Teaching influences a major role in the society. It has a great power to led the society in a progress. Always teacher must be respected in society.