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How to Study for Finals
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"Finals..!" This short word makes even the most intelligent ones sweat and go mad with tension. It`s a kind of war for a student, where he / she prepares with complete dedication and effort, and then armed with all the weapons in the form of pens and other accessories, leaves for the war (sorry exam), with the near and dear ones wishing all the luck and then praying for success. Final exams is the last hurdle in the year, and it is the school gifted opportunity to bear fruit for all the hardwork during the year. Passing the finals with good results will give you a feel good feeling, and so you should be very sincere and dedicated in the final exam preparation. Have all the above thoughts made you serious enough about study, and the question, `how to study for finals` now lingering in your mind? If yes, then it`s a good sign, because we are here with what it takes to pass exams (be it College or High School) with flying colors.

Study Tips for Finals

  • Start Early: When dealing with the final exam preparation, follow the maxim - `Early bird catches the worm`, and I think it should be modified to - `Early starting student catches the top rank`. And it`s very true! You as a student should be very consistent in your preparation for the finals from the first day of school itself. Avoid being lazy and complete studying the lesson on the day it was taught. Starting the preparation early is definitely going to benefit in the long run for the exam preparation.
  • Do the Homework: Be very sincere in doing a day`s homework, and don`t ever ask your best friend to do the homework for you. Homework is given for practice and makes the basics strong. Also go through the lessons before they are taught in the school. This helps in understanding the lessons with a deep insight.
  • Ask Doubts: You should not feel shy to ask even the silliest of questions to your teacher in class. Remember, you are planning for the finals, and a single doubt in your mind can spoil your chances in the exam.
  • Don`t Ignore: No matter how boring the subject is, don`t ignore it. Instead, prepare the tough subjects earlier, and when the exam`s nearing, prepare the easy subjects. Once you are done with the boring subjects, you will feel a lot better.
  • Use Charts: Studying the textual thing can become a bit boring and time consuming sometimes, so you can make attractive charts using colorful sketch pens. Also make charts of important formulas for an easy and quick reference. When you are not in the mood to read, go through these charts.
  • Concentrate: Concentration is the key to success, so use it as a tool to boost your chances of exam success. Meditation and deep breathing exercises will help you concentrate on the subject better.
  • Analyze: Use the results and performance of your previous exams in the final exam preparation. This helps you identifying weak and strong points, and thus helps in the final exam preparation.
  • Read Out Loud: Believe me, this tip really works well if you want to imprint something permanently in your mind. When you are reading, your ears also work, along with your eyes and tongue. This helps in retaining things strongly, and is especially useful in learning formulas.
  • Group Study: Group study is very useful in exam preparation, as you get to discuss things with your friends. You can take breaks in between and chill out with friends too. This also helps in better understanding of the subject. But remember never to let the seriousness go away.

The above tips can be implemented only when you have lots of time to prepare. Now, if you have come to a situation where you are wondering how to study for finals at the last minute, this can be quite tricky because you have to counter stress also along with the study load. Though it`s always better to avoid last minute preparations.

Study Tips for Last Minute Preparation

  • Compromise: To achieve success at the last minute, you have to compromise on certain things. There might be a case that your final exam is just 5 days away, and the same time, your favorite soccer event is going on. In such circumstances, what you need to do is `compromise`, as an exam is much important than the soccer match.
  • Make a Timetable: When the exam is near, a proper routine should be followed and stuck to. Make a timetable for the day, and prefer keeping the morning hours reserved for study. Utilize all the hours fruitfully
  • Utilize Time: Now is not the time to waste, as the final exams are round the corner. Complete utilization of time is very essential. Whenever you have free time, you should study something and focus only on the exam.
  • Keep Stress at Bay: Stress levels generally rise as the exams get nearer. It`s better to keep stress at bay for the best. Stress affects the mind and hampers your studying pattern.
  • Eat the Right Food: As the exam nears, you should cut down fast food intake and indulge more in fruits and other healthy food items. Having proper meals is very important for stamina and the mind.
  • Practice: Again, as the exams near, you should start solving sample question papers to assess your performance, and then work on the right areas.
  • Take Breaks: Studying continuously tires the mind, so it`s better to take small breaks while studying. It freshens up the mind.
  • Take Enough Rest: To appear for the exam, you should be healthy and fit enough. So don`t overwork your mind and body too, and give them enough rest.
  • Think Positive: This the most important thing to be kept in mind. No matter how tough the situation is, always think positive and hope for the best to happen. Before going to sleep, imagine a `successful you`. This has a profound effect on the subconscious mind and helps in success.

So deck up your room with charts, arrange your table, and create the study atmosphere. Hope that the tips on how to study for finals help you in climbing the success ladder. All the Best!