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Increase Self Confidence is so simple
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Self confidence:

For every new beginning our efforts and our self confidence leads to achieve success. Self confidence is the key to open joy full and happy life. There are few things kept in mind to improve our confidence levels.

If you want to increase your self esteem here are some steps that may be useful for you:

Built your confidence by focusing on good things in you
Everybody has at least one thing that they do good. If you dont know what its you do well, then ask someone you trust. It may seem odd, however figuring out what others perceive as strong points for you could be very self-confidence building. It does not matter how small it might seem, like keeping different things orderly, not everyone has that ability and it is one thing you can be proud of.

Pay attention on Minute mistakes your doing:

Confidence usually comes from a way of being in control of your life. Whereas there are lots of issues that we wont control, there are also many aspects of life that we are able to change and direct. By clearly figuring out whats necessary to you, and taking steps to bring those things about, you will build a sense of mastery which may go a long way towards increasing your self-confidence.

Control on your anxiety:
Everytime you start to feel anxious about the future and find yourself think on "what if" and "should I do it" types of questions, let go of the need to know what you should do next.
Once you really feel anxious, ruminating will only increase your anxiety and wont let you think clearly and make the right decisions. When you start to feel anxious, take a couple of deep breaths, loosen up your tense muscle groups and say to your self to let go for right now, only for few minutes. Repeat as often as necessary till the anxiety subsides.

walk confidently:

Your posture has a big effect on how other people see you, and likewise how youre feeling about yourself. Unconfident folks tend to slouch and stare at the ground many times - if that sounds like you, make a true effort to hold your shoulders back and your head up, and remember to look at people in their eyes when talking. Not only you will make a better impression, but you may really feel a lot more confident as well, since the way we hold ourselves can have a direct influence on our mood.

Begin practicing these tips today and you will see a big improvement in just a short amount of time.