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Raise your kids to reach their potential
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I read one article in news paper that the memory capacity of a musician or a singer is more than a normal person. Great parenting is very important for our children to reach their maximum potential. Music as proven by recent research enhances brain development in improving memory and attention making music a viable companion in raising your kids. It is not something that studies will fetch them but it is also proven by great people that music, singing and other activites fetches fame and social status.

Music makes kids smarter. In fact, there are many things we benefit from music training and education. For a start, there is a strong correlation that exists between musical training and certain other mental abilities. There have been surveys conducted showing that music brings about remarkable improvements in the academic skills of students, who are made to listen to certain kinds of music while studying or working in the lab. In addition, music reduces stress and simply makes life better.

Music enhances creativity. This attribute is vital in making your kids grow up as problem solvers. Music has a positive impact on the right side of the brain triggering the brain center. The center of the brain is responsible for the development of creativity. Plus music stimulates the brain centers that deal with thinking, analyzing and planning. Organizational skills and internal discipline are among the benefits we reap in exposing our kids to music training and education. Advance technology has allowed scientists to actually monitor brain activity through PET scans and MRI imaging and see the blood flow in the brain. Through this method, they were able to observe how music makes all of the areas “light up” and how new neural pathways are created while the individual observed was engaged in learning or playing a musical instrument.

So to get a head start in raising smarter kids, invest in their music education and training at an early age. Give your child every opportunity and advantage you can. Enroll them in music lessons and watch them grow and mentally develop as they play, create, express, and struggle through the rigors of the discipline mastering an instrument. There are also alternative and more creative ways of teaching music concepts. One of which is Freddie the Frog® which is quickly becoming the mascot of music education for kids. Sharon Burch, music teacher and author of the series, teaches music to the readers as they enjoy the stories. You will discover a more creative, brighter and mature person in the making.