How To Face Examinations?
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Techniques to Handle Exam Stress

Most doctors and psychiatrists over the world believe that examination stress and tension can be handled effectively by practicing very simple routines before exams. The practical solution for handling exam stress is to plan a study time-table in advance. This prevents pre-exam jitters.


Also, one must focus on the chapters and areas about which one is not too confident. At times, students tend to become needlessly hyper just before exams. This situation has been identified by reputed educational institutes as well.

For instance, the Imperial College Healthcentre believes that students often suffer from some “Common Thinking Errors” while facing examinations. This leads to a loss of confidence among students in many educational institutes. They tend to consider themselves incapable of performing or scoring good marks in an examination.


“Fear of exams is the biggest enemy of students.”


“What ever you think, that you will be . If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think your selves strong, strong you will be.”
“you can do anything and everything , you are almighty”.
Swami Vivekanandha


For students who cultivate fearlessness and bold attitude towards exams success is waiting round the corner .Sometime, even the most hardworking students find that the results are not good .These people should not think that it is the end of the world .There is success and failure in every work. In fact failure makes us even wiser. Constant practice makes one perfect .So no one should lose heart in the process of trying . Be brave .

The following are some preparation tips.”First you should know that there is nothing to fear about exams .They are just for making sure that you know the concepts well and to make you a better individuals .So don’t fear.”Worries only make things worse”.

‘ Preparation is a solution for facing exams boldly . If you are well prepared then you do not have to worry at all and it gives you confidence too”.


“Revision is an important factor. You have to rewise
atleast twice or thrice before the exam’’.

“Avoid last minute preparation”.

Think that “Tomorrow is another day with fresh hopes and opportunities, and you should look forward to take up new challenges and responsibilities” .