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How to find Fake Companies
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How fake job offers trap you

Fraudsters duping as HR officials from leading companies like the Infosys or Siemens will send you a job offer to your email id with the company’s username. They usually get the email ids from social networking sites or the job sites.

To seem legitimate the email asks for professional and certificates and then asks you to deposit cash into a designated bank account for an interview security to send you air tickets to attend the interview and later refund the deposit money.

Once the money is deposited, the HR person is never seen or heard from again.

How to indentify fake job offers

The company quoted in the fake offer will most probably be wrong or even non existent like Infosys software and hardware ltd which is fake.

Fake job offers usually come from public email ids with the company name as the user name. A genuine one will come from the company email ID. For instance, genuine id is like, where as fake will be as etc.

A company will never charge job aspirants a fee or ask for an interview security deposit. A demand for a fee deposit indicates the offer may not be genuine.

The contact address, phone numbers given in the fake job offer are non- existent or false.

Cross check the job offer 

Cross check the job offer by getting the contact details of the company from the official company website and not that of the details given in the fake job offer for verification.

Don’t hesitate to inform the police when you find the job offer fake.