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Reading and writing skills for your child
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Its a saying that we can decide the person future with his writtings. It is a known fact that cultivating the right habits during childhood paves the way for a bright future for your child. When we think of a bright future the first thing that comes to our mind is the child’s education, his/her reading and writing skills, as it helps them in the long run. Now to improve your child’s writing skills there are tips that need to be considered right from day one when they begin to learn how to write. These tips will certainly make your child a genius among there peers.

Improving writting skills:
Some experts say that keeping a journal is an easy way for your children to start building their writing skills. Depending on their age they may want to keep their journal private, although they will still benefit from the daily exercise. For younger children they should be given a daily topic to get them started and for older children creative freedom should be given. You may also elect a certain time of day to share journal entries, although this should be optional.

Read the Books with your children:
Choose a book to read with your children and then have them write a short essay discussing their thoughts and feelings about the book. Go over the themes of the book, analyze the writing style and have them break the story down by sections and plot for example. Your local library is an excellent resource for selecting books which are appropriate for certain ages. If you have children of varying different levels have them read different books or choose a book that can be easily interpreted on many levels by different age groups.

Consider completing writing exercises with your children. This is beneficial for children who participate in standardized testing or who will be taking college entrance exams. By encouraging your children to start writing essays at a young age this will give them a leg up above other children their age.

To make writing interesting and useful the following things can be considered:

1. Choose a topic such as the importance of recycling or something of that nature and allow the children a certain time frame to write an essay.
2. Keep in mind that the topic should be something that they would be asked on an exam and when you go over the exams the different age levels and comprehension levels of the subjects with each individual child.
3. Start repeating the topics as this will help you gauge improvement in their skills and it is also interesting for them to read their old responses compared to their new ones.

Teach them how to write letter:

Letters are used every day in both the personal and professional aspects of adulthood as means of communication. Teaching your child the components of a business letter will be a big help when they want to enter the workforce and also don`t forget that it will teach them how to write an effective cover letter for job applications and interviews. Often being able to write a distinct and memorable cover letter could make the difference between landing their dream job and not being hired.

When you make writing and reading a part of your home, you enable your children to have a higher comprehension of the written word. Also when encouraging their writing efforts both at home and school you are giving them added motivation as well. Keep in mind that although some people have natural ability when it comes to writing, as with anything practice makes one perfect.