Interesting Math Games for Kids
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Understanding math concepts do not just involve practice but is a developmental process as it is understanding the concepts and applying them to the environment and your daily lives and teaching these concepts can be made more enjoyable, funny and lively for your kids when you know how to inject some humor, fun and creativity into the games.

Try these funny kids math games

1. Clown bowling game
Draw several simple clown faces and write numbers 1 to 10. Paste them on empty water bottles. Place these bottles in a row like bowling pins. Say out an addition problem - What is 2 + 2? The kid will have to aim the answer with a ball and do a victory dance when the kid bowls the correct answer.

2. Rocks, paper and scissors
Write numbers from 1 to 20 and place them on the floor. Break the kids into two groups and each group stand at the end of the row of cards. The kids are required to jump over one card at a time and while jumping over the card must call out the number written on the card. When the two kids meet, do rock, paper and scissors. The kid who loses leaves and is replaced with another kid from his team to continue where they have stopped but the kid who wins continues the game. The kid who reaches the end of the row of cards wins.

When kids math games are made funny for kids, your kids will be reaping the following 5 benefits:

1.When kids enjoy the funny games, making them laugh, carbon dioxide are driven out of the body and is replaced by oxygen-rich air thus boost immunity and helps the kids to relax and reduces their stress level.

2.Laughter and fun provides the kids to express their developing powers of reasoning and creativity and they will learn and retain more of what is being taught to them.

3.When kids are exposed to the funny side of math which is always perceived to be a rigid and boring subject, stretches their imagination to think out of the box and learning to look at the problem differently to come out with different creative ways to solve the problem.

4.When kids laugh at funny games helps to break the ice and encourage them to interact with each other, develop their social growth as they learn how to get along with others and work in groups.

5.When humor is incorporated into kids math games, it enriches the learning process as when the serious learning is made funny and playful, the kids interest is intensified making them more attentive listeners, willing participants and sharp observers and their love to learn more of math will grow.

When kids are playing and exploring in enriched environment that is fun, humorous, playful and at the same time of educational value serves to support your kids in their cognitive thinking skills, motor skills as you need muscles to laugh and their emotional skills that is they feel happy while learning and that learning is fun.