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It is a story about four engineering students....

It is a reputed engineering college which conducts assessments at a regular basis and gives the internal marks only according to the scores in those assessments...

It was a monthly assessment time...

Four guys who share the same room in the hostel didn`t prepare anything for the test. On the test date they planned and went to their HOD(Head of the Department) and said him "We four went to a marriage yesterday and our car`s tyre got puncture, so we four pulled the car the whole night to the hostel as there was no assistance available". "So what? ", asked the HOD. "As a result of which we were not able to prepare for the monthly exam today, so kindly give us one more day time to prepare", they said. The HOD thought for a while and said "OK, four of you can write the exam tomorrow".

Guys were enormously happy that they cheated their HOD. They prepared day and night for that exam and were all set to go.

The next day,

HOD called four of them and asked them to sit in four different classes to take the test. They were first shocked and then came back to normal as they were quite confident with their preparation.

Four of them got their own question papers which had only one question printed on it with four choices and all the four got shocked on seeing that one question...


When you went to marriage which tyre of your car got puncture???


1) Front-Left

2) Front-Right

3) Back-Left

4) Back-Right