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We know for a fact that time is a very precious resource you need in accomplishing the different tasks and responsibilities. This not only applies to your professional but also to your personal life. Time is important in achieving life goals, sharing moments with loves ones, or simply doing the day to day activities in your life.

Often you may find yourself lacking the time needed to fully enjoy everything that life has to offer you. Almost always we end up rushing from one task to another, having our hands full all the time. We end up realizing at the end of the day that we are extremely exhausted. Yet there are still tons of things which need to be done.

Experiencing all of these is indeed very stressful and overwhelming. Thats why it is important to develop effective time management skills. These skills will help you towards ironing the chaos that result from exceedingly hectic schedules and life plans. The result is a much smoother way of spending your time and at the same time getting things done.

The following are five simple steps you can take in order to manage your time effectively:

1. Know the Difference Between Urgent and Important
Identify the difference between whether responsibilities or activities are important or simply urgent. Important tasks need thorough planning and good consideration since these are the ones that will lead you towards your long term goals. Urgent ones are often not really important but nonetheless demands immediate action.

2. Learn to Prioritize
At the start of the day its always important to identify the things you need to accomplish. From the list of responsibilities determine what should be done first and what you can attend to later on. Doing this gives you a clear picture on what tasks demands longer hours and what requires extra time and effort. This gives you enough opportunity to prioritize and manage your limited time.

Once you set the sequence of things to do learn, make sure you respect and stick to your priorities. This demands discipline especially most often there are numerous temptations that will bombard you into doing less important things.

3. Learn How to Plan
Create a system where your specific actions help you in achieving your life goals. This requires proper planning before you start. You need a vision. Devise short-term and long-term goals and objectives. Identify potential conflicts and crises that you may encounter along the way. This allows you to be prepared for any possibilities and enables you to come up with efficient solutions.

4. Schedule Your Activities
Set a timetable for your duties and responsibilities. Allot specific time for every task depending on its urgency or importance. Sometimes you cannot avoid but end up with an overload of responsibilities. This is why its necessary to schedule your activities so that every task has specific periods of time for you to accomplish.

5. Say No To Tasks Not Supporting Your Goals
Learn how to say no when necessary. When given tasks that you think are irrelevant. have the guts to say no. Better yet, avoid activities that do not help you in accomplishing your plans.
When you make sure you use these tips you will improve your output and at the same time lower your stress. Enjoy the day!