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Why don't children study well?
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Most parents have high hopes for their children. Parents wish their children to study well, get high marks and lead a successful career. This article examine why the children don`t study well and the what can be done to improve their performance

In most Indian families, we see a tendency of parents pressuring the children to achieve those career goals which was their own during the childhood, but which they failed to achieve. It is a common problem in aspiring societies like India that the children do not reach up to the expectations of the parents. They fail in achieving good marks and do not end up in a successful career which will provide them with the means to lead a good life. This happens in many families; though the parents provide everything they can, to help the child`s studies. Those parents who have these complaints should know one thing. The facilities to study alone will not help the child to achieve good marks and lead a successful career.
Factors which influence the child`s studies
There are many factors which influence the learning abilities of a child. Following are some of important factors:
1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ):- It is scientifically proven that each child has an IQ which is special to him/her, and this will affect the learning abilities of the child. 
2. Physical health:- Physical health is necessary for the child to concentrate in class, imbibe his/her teacher`s words, to do homework, and above all, study well.
3. Atmosphere in home:- Providing all the material facilities won`t make your child study well. For this, a peaceful and loving atmosphere is necessary.
4. Atmosphere in school:- If the child has problems in school, this also will affect his/her learning abilities. A pleasant and friendly atmosphere in home is necessary for your child to concentrate on learning.

Why doesn`t your child study well?

Many reasons prevent your child from studying well
1. Your child may have a low IQ. Sometimes it is even possible that the child may be suffering from some kind of learning disabilities. 
2. Health problems may prevent your child from studying well. If he/she suffers from diseases like headache, recurrent cold and fever, allergy etc, it becomes impossible for him/her to attend classes, or even concentrate in classes.
3. Problems in home may include quarrel between parents, fights with siblings, extreme pressure from parents, comparison with siblings/cousins/friends, corporeal punishments, lack of recognition from parents etc may affect child`s ability to study.
4. Problems in school may include isolation from other students, fights with other students, corporeal and insulting punishments, partiality from the part of teachers, child`s inherent lack of interest in a particular subject, child`s difficulty to go along with particular teachers, extreme competition, tension and pressure etc.

What are the remedies? 

There are many things that the parents can do to boost up the learning abilities of children
1. If you feel that the child has very low IQ or learning disability, consult a doctor. Special care and teaching methods may be needed for children with learning disabilities
2. Ask the child whether he/she faces any recurrent health problems. Do not avoid his/her diseases.
3. Make that the child eats nutritious food. More than junk food and artificial drinks make sure that the child gets enough nutrition from natural foods.
4. If the child is allergic to something, stop using that thing and switch to alternatives.
5. Avoid disparities between parents. Avoid quarrels at least when the child is present. 
6. Treat siblings always equally and never show partiality. Solve the fights between them diplomatically and teach them to love each other.
7. Never compare your child with other children. This will only ruin your child`s spirit and may even cause lifelong enmity with the ones he/she was compared with.
8. If the children misbehave, instead of using corporeal punishments, try denying the things children love. You can forbid them from watching TV, playing etc rather than using force upon them. 
9. Recognise the child`s achievements. Reward very good achievements with small presents. But do not give expensive gifts for small achievements. Also take care not to make this a habit.
10. If you feels that your child is being isolated or hated in the class, try to find out the reasons for such hatred and remove those traits from child`s behaviour.
11. If you feel that the teachers are showing partiality or punishing children in an insulting way, it is better to shift him/her to another school. 
12. Give the child the courage to face tension and pressure and adopt relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation etc if necessary
The childhood and adolescence are the formative years of your kid`s life. A little care, love and encouragement in these years can make your child a successful personality. Never forget this and prepare your child for the worst in the life.