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Some students  are good at aptitude and reasoning, but not perfect in general English language, then its not possible to get the job in banks. No need to get perfect mean 100% in all sections, you just set target for each section to get qualify in all sections. Let us discuss section wise, to crack the exam


Quantitative aptitude

In quantitative aptitude,5o questions will be come so don’t attempt all questions here which results you negative marks for wrong answers and time waste in exam. you attempt 29-34 questions and get 1 mark for each correct answer, i.e, at least 30.Then you will easily  get qualify in aptitude section. And also concentrate on topics in aptitude, which you can answer for the questions easily. We are listing you some topics in aptitude, which will take les time to solve the problems(if you know the short-cut methods).The below topics are very  important & easy to solve, so try to solve as early as possible in exam.


Profit & loss

averages & ages

simple& compound interests

time& work

time and distance

clocks & calenders



From reasoning also you will get 50 questions which are very east to solve,but this section will take more time than aptitude section. Because of logically, you have to think different directions to solve any problem. If you find the logic, t will take 10 to 15 sections to find out correct answer from four options, so at last what we are trying to say you that don’t waste time in this section and attempt minimum 32 questions. This section totally depends on student attitude and thinking knowledge. The topics which will come under reasoning mailnly

Blood relations


series’s (numbers, letters, words)

analogies (numbers, letters, words)

seating arrangements


coding and decoding

English language

This section will eliminate to most of students, out of hopes in final results, so prepare well. But most of the students will get qualify in this section, who know the language and where to use words in sentence, and to rectify the wrong words in sentence. Vocabulary and sentence corrections will decide your marks.In this section,if you don’t know the answer don’t think and select answer from options,because of in aptitude and reasoning there should be possibility to get the answer,if you try it but not in English.Topics have to know well in English language are

Sentence corrections

using of verbs


sentence formation

basic grammar


Computer knowledge

80% of the students will qualify in this section,in exam questions from basic knowledge testing of computer,internet,banking internet.So need to take tension of this section.B.E/B.TECH/BSC(comp)/B COM(comp) and computer subject courses students will get benefit from this sections,they can easily answer the questions from computer and internet related.


General awareness

This sections is not very easy and tough,some students have habit of reading news papers/magazines/latest updates of national and international/sports.Which benefits them to select the best answers among 4 options.SO know the information on all above mentioned categories data for the 1 year.Most of the questions will come from


national/international politics

latest scams

ministers and their departments