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Some Useful Tips On Time Management
Author : sudha
Category : Time Management
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Some Useful Tips On Time Management.

Some Useful Tips On Time Management

Why is Time Management Important?

If youre thinking that time management isnt really an issue for you then you may need to think again.
Have you ever sat working away at your computer, only to realise hours later that you havent actually done anything you set out to do? Im sure most of us have.

Its so easy nowadays to keep ourselves busy for hours on end answering calls, replying to emails, surfing the Internet and firefighting problems as they arise.

This often means that the tasks that we really should be doing are pushed to the back of the queue and nothing productive actually gets done.

This is where a little time management can help.

My Top Tips on Time Management

If at the end of a days work you want to feel like youve really achieved something and not just wasted your valuable time then heres a few tips on time management from my own experience.

Firstly, decide on a specific task or tasks to complete and set yourself a time limit.

For example I know that to write an article like this takes me about half an hour for the first draft. On that basis Ill set aside half an hour and literally set a 30 minute timer on my iPod.

Now let me introduce your next time management enemy, interruptions. Close your email, turn off your phone, turn off any messaging services and short of an emergency situation dont even answer the door.

With potential interruptions dealt with its still easy to get sidetracked so stay focused on the task at hand. Dont be tempted to browse the Internet unless its required for your current task.

If you have any moments of genius and think of some great new idea, write it down and deal with it later. Focus for now 100% on your current task and nothing else.

Track the time you spend and on what tasks. Write it down or create yourself a spreadsheet. Time tracking can be a great way of making you aware of how productive you really are, or not as the case may be.

More Time Management Resources

Google Calendar is a great tool for allocating time to perform specific tasks. It can even send you an SMS message to remind you of something you need to do. I use this all the time and best of all its free.

One tip for using any type of calendar though is to only put day/time specific actions in them. Dont use them for general to do lists as many people do, else youll spend more time re-arranging tasks than performing them. Use lists for your non time specific tasks.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. I found the system it describes really useful for clearing the mind and for focusing only on the tasks that matter most.

Highly recommended Book: No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy.



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