MAT 2011: Tips to tackle each section
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 Management Aptitude Test - The third MAT 2011 exam, conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), is scheduled to be held on September 4th (paper pencil) and September 10th (computer based). The test is conducted four times in a year in the months of February, May, September and December.

The duration of MAT is 150 minutes and comprises of mainly five sections, namely: Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning and Indian & Global Environment Section.

The paper consists of 200 multiple choice questions. There is no system of negative marking. The candidates are awarded one mark for each correct answer. But the marks obtained by a student in the test area of `Indian and Global Environment` are given separately in the score card and is not counted in the composite score. For evaluating the composite score, the total marks taken into consideration are 160 and not 200.


 1) Language Comprehension: Will check your abilities of English usage. Tips to improve this section-:

A) Read a lot: Read to see how a word is used in different contexts.
B) Solve previous years papers
C) Try conversing in English with friends to improve your English
D) Watch English news channels like BBC, CNN

2) Mathematical skills: This section comprises of relatively easy problems, except probability and permutations which may prove difficult at times. Tips to do well-:

1) Practice a lot
2) Learn to stick to basics
3) Learn as many formulas as possible
4) Find shortcuts to find solutions

3) Data Analysis: This section consists of questions on conventional data interpretation like graphs and charts with questions based on finding percentage increase or decrease, caselets, Data Comparison etc. The only way to improve this section is practice a lot. Take as many mock tests as possible.

4) Intelligence and Critical Reasoning section: This is one of the most dreaded sections in the whole exam. The questions are on Direction, Blood Relations, Sequencing, Circular Arrangement, Venn Diagrams etc.

A) Solve puzzles
B) Take mock tests
C) Go through solutions of practice tests