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Before introducing the IBPS exam , so many students taken the exams of SBI PO, CANARA BANK,ANDHRA BANK exams, which are very similar to IBPS, but did not got success. the reason behind, you are not following properly 3 things. Let me explain one by one

1)    All topics not covering

If you did not cover all topics in any sections, results you fail in exam. At least you have to cover basics of the topic, if you know the basics, which are enough to solve the problems. When ever you will qualify in all sections, then only its possible to get the job, so don’t neglect any topic, minimum know the basics of the topic.

2)    Concentrating only on some topics/sections

Its clear that you have to qualify in all sections in IBPS exam, so for din’t concentrate particularly on one topic/section, you must have the basic knowledge of each topic/section

3)     No idea on Time management

Its so many students doubt that, which topic i have to start first?, before that, you decide your self on which topic you have confident?, Just start that topic only, still if you not cleared, i will give you all details to set time management in IBPS exam. Its my suggestion only,

Total time for IBPS exam: 150 minutes

you can decide this time to solve the problems in every section  like

Quantitative aptitude: 50 min

reasoning: 45 min

English: 25 min

General awareness: 15 min

Computer knowledge: 15 min