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Some children become problematic for their parents and teachers owing to their natural demeanour. This needs to be handled with care and great patience. Dealing related problems are called behavioural disease which has certain symptoms that have to be identified and corrected early on. This article will explain the problems together with the handling of this common incidence prevalent among children.

Some behavioural disorders among children
Unwelcoming, aggressive and disruptive behaviour,
Prankishness, devilment, obstructionist reflex actions,
Difficulties adhering to rules and trouble abidance by the normal conduct,
Useless and unpleasant actions.
Symptoms of behavioural diseases
This is treated as behavioural disease the symptoms of which are as follows viz:-.
Speaking lie and stealing,
Dyspeptic nature, and often losing temper,
Remaining often in a fit of frenzy, and engage in arguments,
Breaking things, causing harms,
Hostile behaviour to elders,
Inflicting injuries on self,
Deliberately attempting to cause harms to animals and others,
Arising out of sexual traits in the little ages.
Causes of behavioural disorders
These types of abnormal behaviours come in due to several physical, psychological and social reasons as for examples:-
Failure in school,
Damage of brain,
Exploitation of children,
woeful incidences,
Refusal of child by the mother in the early childhood,
Children being kept away by their parents,
Parents being mental cases,

Incidences of quarreling and violence happening in the family.

Difficulties faced by such children 

The child under the grips of behaviour related problems face the following noted difficulties:-
Study related problems,
Less intimacy with their equals and elders,
The difficulties of living in an orphanage, in group or other boys of same ages,
Getting regularly injured, rusticating from school, and trouble obeying rules and regulations.
What to do?
What to do in the practical complications and what not to do:-
Active cooperation of parents is essentially vital.
Maintain a cordial and liberal relationship with the child. Continually guide the child and pay more attention. 
Appreciate the honest and proper behaviours of the child and reward him for this.
Try not to punish children. If necessary, he can be punished differently by being ordered to do the domestic chores, stop his sweet quota (but not the meals, of course), and impose a ban on his television watching etc.
What if not treated early on?
If this disease is not treated early on in the childhood, the child will grow up to face:-
Difficulties in maintaining relationships, 
Will often break laws.
Will behave often unsociably.
Homeopathic medicines are capable of curing behavioural related complications, if it has originated due to the physical and the mental misshapenness in the past.
It is essential to keep the child away from the opposing surroundings.
With the efforts of the parents supported by the psychologists can yield the desirable results. 
The psychologists treat the child and train the parents to tackle the problem.
Children of this types are cured of through homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathic treatment

The below noted homeopathic medicines indicate the behavioural related symptoms of the children:-
Speaking lies—Opium.
Excessive anger, and audaciousness—Chamomilla.
Cruel and avenging—Nitric acid.
Breaking up things—Steffi garacia.
Revolt or disobeying—Tarantula hispanica.
Inflicting self injuries—Oram Matilicum.
Sexual activities in little ages—Bufo rana.
Thus you see this needs delicate handling with great patience and cooperation of the psychologists supported with homeopathic medicines.