Importance of a teacher in the society and information of education
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In this resource, I have specified the importance of teacher. State government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced Teacher Eligibility Test(TET) to provide qualitative teachers regarding to Right to Education act(RTE). I have given some rules regarding to RTE in this article. In this article, one can find the details of coming DSC also. I have mentioned the loss of education to students during the period of strike by teachers.
Importance of teacher in the society:
Teacher is a person who can give potentiality to the student to learn everything that is useful for living. Now-a-days, it is pity to see in the movies that the value of teacher is decreased. Such scenes are seen in the movies. As education becomes child centered so that state and center governments gives much importance to primary and secondary education.
Teacher Eligibility Test and its details:
Recently, center government has decided to conduct Teacher Eligibility Test(TET) to give qualitative teachers to education system. According to this test, there are three papers such as 
This exam for teachers who want to teach primary education i.e., upto 5th class. In this paper, all subjects and its methodologies and educational psychology upto 5th class are tested. As per communities, qualification marks percentage is determined by government. Inorder to get qualified in TET, one has to get 60% marks in TET exam.
This is the paper for teachers who want to teach from VI to VIII. For mathematics candidates one has to prepare mathematics, physical science and biological science upto 10th class where as for social studies students they have to prepare for social studies.

RTE rules:

According to Right to Education Act(RTE), it is the right that every child between 6 to 14 years have to join in schools to learn education irrespective of their physical and financial situations. Government is responsible to join those children in schools and to provide free education for them. As per rules of RTE, child labour is completely prohibited by decreasing dropouts.
Come to schools, administration has no right to cancel the admission of a candidate after join in the school. At the same time, candidate has right to join in any school. Depending upon the willing of a student, administration has to steps towards the student. Punishment is strictly prohibited to children in schools.
Come to teachers, a teacher should have to complete syllabus with in prescribed schedule otherwise candidate has right to intimate this information to higher authorities to implement certain action on the teacher. 
Come to Grampanchayat, sarpanch has to adopt the school to arrange sufficient facilities for good learning and teaching process. He has the right to question the activities of teachers at any time because he is responsible person for all administrative activities in the village.
Come to mandal level, mandal educational officer is responsible for all education activities done throughout the schools in the mandal. For district level, district educational officer is a responsible person for the education system in schools in the district. These are the major rules that followed regarding to Right to Education Act(RTE)
D.S.C and its details:
State government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to fill up teacher posts upto nearly 35000 in which more number posts in S.G.T(Secondary Grade Teacher) category and nearly 18000 posts in school assistant category are in vacant position. For that, 70% posts in school assistant category are for promotions to S.G.T. category and remaining for direct recruitment.
Loss of education to students during strike period:
After completing 32 days of strike by teachers for Telangana state, TTJAC has decided to give up the strike. During strike days, no student learn anything and syllabus is logged back. State goverment of Andhra Pradesh determined to fill up this deficiency by ordering teachers to work in holidays such as sundays, second saturdays and Sankranthi terminal days. But, now 177 G.O. is the hurdle to employees who have given up the strike.
As teaching is a respectable field in the society. For that government introduces Teacher Eligibility Test to give more quality education to students. RTE rules are for 100% enrollment of students in all schools without fail. From this, government gives more importance to education. If this would be continued definitely India becomes a developed country.