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10 Tips for Good Hand Writing
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We all know that motivating our children to read over the summer is essential. But have you considered encouraging them to write? Developing good writing skills takes practice, but it can be fun. Here are some ideas to not only inspire your kids to write more, but also to create some fun activities for summer.

1.Invest in Supplies. Children of all ages love the gift of a new journal and a special pen to inspire them to start writing stories or poetry. Younger kids may want to draw pictures with their entries. Teach your children to write the date on each entry so that many years from now they can read their work and know when it was written.

2.Show Off your Writing Samples. Have you saved any stories, poems or journals from your childhood? Share them with your kids. Youll be guaranteed to have a good laugh, and it will be a great inspiration for them to get writing.

3.Pen a Book. Ask your child to write a story about the school year or a recent special event. Encourage your child to draw pictures, make a cover page and staple it all together to make a book. What a valuable keepsake!

4.Find a Pen Pal. Writing and receiving old-fashioned letters is one of the most exciting experiences for kids. My teenage daughter writes and mails letters to several friends all over the world including a local friend from school who lives just a few miles away, a friend who moved to Sweden and a girl she met in a Georgia while on vacation.

5.Play the “Story Game” while Traveling. As soon as she could write, my daughter and I played what I call the “Story Game” in the car each summer during our vacation. I would ask her to start writing an introduction, then pass it along to me to continue the story. Wed pass a notebook back and forth, adding our own characters and events until we felt it was time for a conclusion.

6.Ask Your Child to Research Something for You. Kids ages 6 and up will easily be entertained by a research “assignment.” Ask your child to write a short report in the findings. Two of many examples of subjects Ive asked my daughter to research on the Internet include finding out which type of insect was eating my tomato plants and sights to explore on a future vacation.

7.Say Thanks. In my extended family thank you notes are referred to as the “unwritten law.” Summer is often a time when kids receive gifts from visiting family members and friends. This is a perfect opportunity to show 5 year-olds and up how to write a note to express their gratitude. The level of writing and length is not as important as the sentiment.

8.Review a Book. There are several websites that welcome book reviews from kids. This is an excellent chance for your young writer to take the time to not only read, but also edit a story and work on grammar.

9.Write to the Editor. If your child reads a magazine regularly or is interested in a news story of any kind, encourage a letter to the editor. Many journalists would welcome input from young readers. Make sure you read it for content and quality before it goes out.

10.Enter a Contest. There are hundreds of online writing contests for kids with an opportunity to win fun prizes. Search for writing contests for kids online. For starters, you can check out my publishing companys Youngest Travel Writing Contest for kids . Theres no better way to get them to use their creative talents and work on grammar.