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Credit your Ideas with these techniques
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Creativity is the essential quality to grow in this society. Are you interested in generating more ideas for your creative projects? When you’re looking for something to work on, would you like to have a large pool of ideas to draw from? Of course you do. Generating ideas is easy once you know how.

Getting into the habit of generating ideas on a regular basis takes a little practice, but like anything else becomes easier the more you do it. However, you fail to capture your idea, you may miss out on an interesting angle or opportunity.

Let`s take a look at five creative techniques for generating ideas.
1. Keep a Note book or feed them in Pc: This is huge. By keeping track of your day-to-day thoughts, you`ll become more observant and perceptive of the world around you. As an added bonus, your writing will improve, whether you want it to or not.

2. Build and maintain an idea bank: An idea bank is simply a running list of ideas (good and bad). Ideas tend to strike at inopportune times; an idea bank is great because you can note your idea and go back to what you were working on. After a few months of this, you`ll have more ideas than you know what to do with.

3. Seek out inspiration Works: Our brains are like sponges, absorbing the world around us. By seeking out works that challenge and engage your brain, you will have more ideas.

4. Stored lots of ideas and dont worry about the bad ones: Lets face it, most are pretty bad. But only by having lots of bad ones will you have any good ones. If you can have one good idea for every ten bad ideas, you`re doing pretty well.

5. Enjoy the Nature and walk in it:  Combining exercise and the outdoors allows your brain time to ramble and play. Walking outside reduces stress and boosts oxygen levels in the brain. All these factors combine to make walking a key element in generating ideas.

Finally, remember that you must have some way to capture your ideas. I like to carry index cards around. Some people have a small notebook they keep with them at all times. Others like to utilize features like voice recorders and text inputs their mobile devices.

Writing down ideas becomes easier as you make it a habit. The more ideas you record and collect, the more you will have and implement them in Right time.