Simple ways to make children happy
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 You can make your child happy simply by creating good atmosphere at home, teaching them values, good interaction and fulfilling their small wishes. In this way children are always happy with their parents. 

Making children happy:

If children get pocket money or sweets from their parents, they would obviously become happy but this happiness does not exist for a longer period. Like the adults even the children need long-term happiness. The parents play a very important role in making their children happy. If the children remain happy in their childhood, then their souls are nourished and they can become good citizens in the future. There are some simple ways to make children happy. You need not give them large pleasures of life but some simple things to keep them happy. If you constantly give them chocolates they cannot become happy but on the contrary they always feel the need for munching chocolates which is not a good habit actually.

Ways to make children happy for a longer period:

Good home atmosphere:The atmosphere of the house should be peaceful and free from any disturbance. The parents especially should share a cordial relationship. The children are always disturbed by the conflicts of their parents. The children are not happy either if one of their parent is aggressive and the other parent is always compromising. The level of understanding should be deep between the parents. The children are always sensitive to the issues of children. If the father or the mother is inducing pressure upon his other parent, then the children is obviously very disturbed and develops an ill feeling upon the parent. Such children are never happy. Hence parents play an important role in shaping the psychology of the child. 

Good values and lessons: 
The parents should give their children ideas about the factors that bring long term happiness such as good values, spiritualism and beneficial activities so that they can practice it from their childhood days itself. The parents should also inculcate the values of sharing that bring happiness to any human beings during the long period. 

Good interaction:

The parents should always interact with their children by asking them their problems. The parents should always give time to children for their problems. They should always show their children that they are ready to listen to their stories. If the parents cannot attend the concert of their children then they should politely communicate it to their children and promise them to attend next time and due to genuine problem they are not able to attend.

Fulfilling their little wishes: 

The parents should try to wish some little wishes but are important to the kids such as going out for a picnic, enrolling them for a music class, or taking them out for shows, concerts, circus etc. These activities refresh the minds of young children and store in their mind in the form of memory. They can recall these memories when they grow up to refresh their minds.

Gifts on their birthday and festivals:
A gift for a birthday however small is essential for a kid because it indicates the profound love for the kid. The child becomes assured of the parents love towards him and really enjoys the gift. He could treasure a gift like an expensive gift.