Preparation Strategy for GATE Exam
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The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted by the seven IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science), Bengaluru. It is an all India examination for admission to Master`s program in engineering in the best engineering colleges and institutes in the country.

GATE is held to assess the potential of undergraduate engineering students, to pursue higher education in engineering. It is an evaluative test to determine the possession of skills by students and aptitude for engineering for further studies. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is the Organising Institute for GATE 2012.


How to Prepare:

The GATE tests the basic knowledge that you possess in various fields. So you should prepare thoroughly by understanding the basics and fundamentals of the subject.

The questions are derivations and applications of these basics. Be careful to note that mugging formulas does not help, as the questions are not on jotting them down.

They test your ability to derive conclusions from the basic formulas and how good you are at applying them to solve questions.

The first step is to understand the basics and know their applicability.

The second step is to practice. Solve previous year`s papers, mock question papers, and various test available. This will not only help practicing what you have studied, but also give you an understanding of the question paper format, aid in time management and not work you up on the test day. You will know what to expect as far as the format is concerned. It will also reveal your weak and strong areas, and thus you can then concentrate on those.

Solving previous years papers gives you a fair idea of what the actual paper would be like. It also brushes up your basics and exposes your areas of improvement

Solve as many test papers as possible. This actually is the best way to keep improving as you prepare for GATE

You should set up a real test ambiance while solving papers, with no breaks, no disturbance and set time. This is a very effective arrangement, and duplicates the real test environment, thus preparing you better.

To clear the GATE, you need a few months of dedicated practice and study. Knowing the basics of all years and your subject well is the key to crack the GATE.

Importance of GATE Exam

Good campus placements are available with attractive salary packages in IISC or IIT’S if you get good score in GATE exam.

Some of the prestigious organizations like INDIAN OIL CORPORATION & BARC, Mumbai call for interviews for scientist jobs, based on GATE score/percentiles. Those who get good GATE scores, are generally selected.          

You will get scholarship of Rs.8000/- per month if you are qualified in GATE and studying M Tech in IISC or IIT’s.

You will get an UGC scholarship of Rs.5000/- per month if you are qualified in GATE and studying M Tech in any college, based on GATE score