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You are a fresher and started your new job, never think that you can rock with your work, be careful you can stastisfy every senior. Dont be tensed here we provided some of the tips which may help you

Some simple things to remember for freshers to undergone college to corporate transformation. This things help to the basics of corporate lifestyle although each of the corporate has different atmosphere. But these things helps in establishing one into organisation successfully.

1. Be thoroughly Professional in attitude: 
Learn the policies of organisation in advance. Do some research before joining the organisation. 
Follow the dress code. Don`t be hanky panky in dressing. It matters! After you have set in organisation you can always follow your own ways. But follow all rules till then. 
There is someone is constantly watching you so behave accordingly. Although not your boss but your co-workers also who can be a "secret agent for boss." 
2. Leave back your IT world:
Refrain from social networking like Facebook, Orkut etc. during office hours. 
Don`t let your private life be public in your profession. They can be your weak points. (Use proper privacy settings to avoid) 
Post mature updates like "Life has challenges but they are meant to overcome" not like these " Life sucks, Problems in every stage, X is very cruel n all "

3. Don`t be personal in relations in office.

Most of the relations in office are fake and only for showing.Don`t believe any person until you have your bad time. During bad times you will automatically get your good friend.Be strong and expect nothing in return. This is world which knows to TAKE not to GIVE. Do your good but never expect good things in return. 

4. Record all things told to you or done by you. 
Keep a proof of all things. Start conveying things by mail, letters and other means which can be produced when required at any time. 
5. Do things differently in office. 
Try sending your mails at odd hours such as night time, holidays. (Gives a proof that you were working at odd times).
Think out of the box. Try suggesting new ideas and be through with the system, processes in office.

6. "Boss is always right."

Never argue with your boss or try to correct him. Very less people can accept the fact that a newcomer is correcting them or preaching them how to do things.Even after this you feel that Boss needs to be corrected or changed then use very convincing phrases like - "you are right sir, I think I can add something to this…" – "I thought a lot over the idea but I feel….."

7. Look for long time benefits avoid shortcuts
Be what you are (of course in good areas). Never change yourself for anyone. This will help you in long run. 
Don`t look for shortcuts or wrong modes for success. It will keep you happy initially but you are likely to suffer in long term.
Take calculated risks.