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Is Global Warming a Real Problem?
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Although there seems to be a certain scientific consensus on the problem of global warming, many people argue that it had only been blown out of proportion. Indeed, nobody can argue that the Earth’s surface temperature has continued to rise, but nobody can seem to put a foot down firmly about what has caused this increase, whether it has been affected by human actions or is a natural course that all planets take as they age.
For those who believe the whole global warming issue is all hyped up, the main reasons they cite include their perception of a lack of measurable data to show the rising global temperature, largely because historical climate data do not go back that long, or most of the existing data are not clear enough. Some scientists also believe that the interpretations have been done by people already concerned about the issue, which means their interpretation may not be objective.
On the other hand, while majority of scientists agree that global warming is indeed happening, some still do not think there is anything to be concerned about. They believe the Earth is more flexible for climate changes than what human beings expect, claiming that animals and plants will eventually adapt to the weather changes, and concluding that it is not likely for anything major to happen from global warming.

Interestingly, though, there seems to be a bit of a political interest behind all the controversy in global warming, which makes it even more impossible to tell which side is really telling the truth. It seems that the power for change is in the hands of people who are in charge of making global or even just national policies: as such, it seems that some policies are not quickly getting passed because of the costs that they entail. For example, if the United States were to set a policy against carbon production and emission, it could spell the lost of jobs of countless individuals.

Then again, some experts also believe that the lack of scientific certainties surrounding the issue of global warming also points to the uncertainty of whether human behaviour in fact has any tangible effects on global warming. This may also be a reason why immediate action has not been taken on a global scale, alongside the economic ramifications. Also, some experts believe that technology is the answer for the problem, which means any widespread human action is not even really necessary; the only question is, what kind of technologies will we need to have to get out of causing added strain on the planet?

With all these disagreements, it is no surprise that global warming continues to be an issue that each person has his own opinions about. When unsure, it is still better to be safe, though, so being mindful of the environment without being fanatical about it seems like the best route for the average individual. If you are not sure how to go about things, just bear in mind how conserving energy by being wise about the use of electricity, fuel, and water, will not only benefit the environment, you also enjoy lower bills, so it will always be a win-win course of action.