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Bringing Up A Child
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Raising a child

Raising a child is one of the most responsible and satisfying tasks for a human being. Each person`s knowledge of how to bring up a child usually comes from her surroundings and her own upbringing. Parents should express their love for their children, as well as provide them with the continued support they need to become self-assured and happy. It is also important that parents set reasonable expectations for their children.

Why is discipline necessary?

Discipline is important when bringing up a child. Through discipline the child learns that some kinds of behaviour are acceptable and others are not. Setting boundaries for children`s behaviour helps them to learn how to behave in the wider society.

What will good communication teach children?

Offering explanations will help children work matters out for themselves. By expressing emotions and feelings, children will learn that it is okay to do the same. When children want to talk, or ask questions, encourage them. If they are not encouraged they may express frustration and will soon stop wanting to share their thoughts and feelings. If the family has a problem that concerns the child, involve him or her in the discussion. Be open to the child`s suggestions. Let him or her take part in the discussion. A child who experiences this kind of communication will become very confident and a very good communicator.