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Homework - Cooperation

Children are difficult to understand. He is an excellent student, One day he may eagerly attend to his schoolwork and the next he might be interested with sports and dances. Here are some helpful tips.

Set a Regular Time and Location for Homework.

Give homework its own special time and place, and if your child is in middle or high school, let him set his own schedule.
It`s best to do homework in a room that has good lighting and is relatively quiet. This reduces distractions and helps to maintain concentration.

Praise a Job Well Done.

Praise them if they did the work by their own, this raises individuality in the children as well build confidence and healthy study habits.

Take It Step by Step.

Help your child break each assignment down into manageable steps. Children may get overwhelmed by the amount of homework they have to do. Encourage your child to calmly figure out what needs to be done and how much time it will take, and then create.

Allow Time for Fun

Students need to take a break from academics. A healthy balance between work and free time will not only contribute to better performance, but will also help your child develop valuable time-management skills.


You shouldn`t have to do your child`s homework or re teach the material covered in class, but you can help out by showing an interest, making yourself available as a resource and by encouraging independent problem solving. For example, if your child is doing a home work on history, tell them some interested stories, so that they will get the enthusiasm on it.

Share Concerns with the Teacher.

If, at any point in the year, your child seems to be losing motivation and you`ve exhausted all attempts to reinvigorate him, share your concerns with the teacher. You`ll want to determine if the problem is the quantity of homework, the assignment itself or your child`s attitude toward school. An open dialogue with the teacher goes a long way in avoiding potentially serious problems.