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Can Concentration Really Improve Memory
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Can concentration improve memory?

The basic memory mechanics exposes the power of concentration to improve memory. You can combine yoga with the basic memory mechanics to concentrate and focus to enhance encoding information in the brain. We`re a group of navigation engineers that take pride in navigating readers to the Correct Knowledge to obliterate harsh learning curves. We know from experience that knowledge is not power, but the correct use of knowledge is power. This article is about making the correct choices to improve memory and prevent from traveling down long lost dreary roads, stumbling into rattle snake pits and the lion`s dens.

Can concentration improve memory? Yes, concentrating can increase the amount of information encoded in the brain. Concentration enhances the basic memory mechanics by creating a healthy, vibrant and energetic brain. Most of my readers want to add additional skills to enhanced brain encoding methods and functionalities of the brain.Combining basic memory mechanics and concentrating creates the perfect chemistry. You are deeply encoding information in the brain, which makes recalling important and relevant information faster.

First I highly recommend practicing the basic memory mechanics, which are enough: (1) water-10 glasses per day (2) sleep-6-8 hours per day (3) consumption of memory foods, vegetables and fruits (4) consumption of memory vitamin-supplements with memory foods, because vitamins cannot assimilate and digest alone.

Secondly practice proven methods that work for you.

Thirdly you can practice additional skills to increase encoding in the brain. Yes, concentration can improve memory when your brain is healthy and fit. You should always practice the basic memory mechanics and brain encoding methods; then add concentration skills. Believe me it requires excellent concentration and focus to practice in sequence and to create healthy learning habits.

Yoga is the "Master" of meditating, focusing and concentrating, which can: (1) increase concentration to improve memory, as well as (2) enhance encoding information in the brain. There are many types of Yogas, which are known to connect the mind; body and soul. Maybe you are still wondering, "How can concentration improve memory?" Any healthy brain can add additional skill concentration skills that can enhance encoding information in the brain.

Many want to know, "How concentration improves memory?" I intend to answer this question with accuracy, definition and precision. Encoding information in the brain is a simple process that grows and builds from practicing a proven process that healthily position and prepares the brain to encode as well as enhance amount of information the brain encodes.

Basic Memory Mechanics:


The "Basic Memory Mechanics" is simple a way of caring for the brain, which can make the brain care for you. This process of caring creates a healthy vibrant and energetic brain. Through experience, wisdom, knowledge and understanding you can rely on the basic memory mechanics to keep you on track, which is: (1) sleeping 6-8 hour per day, (2) consuming 10 glasses of water daily, (3) consuming memory foods daily, and (4) consuming memory vitamins with your memory foods. The basic memory mechanics is practiced process that creates a healthy, ready and prepared brain. The brain is boosted, energized, stimulated, and ready to practice the brain encoding methods that work for you.

Brain Encoding Methods:

A healthy brain is the key to encoding information in the brain as well as enhancing amount of information encoded in the brain. You`re healthy, energetic and stimulated brain can encode important and relevant information much better. Most of my readers are experts at practicing the basic memory mechanics and proven encoding methods. Beginners should practice 3 proven encoding methods per month, 3 times per week for 2 hours and for 6-12 months, which is highly recommended. I realize that some have been practicing encoding methods from as early as Pre-K and Kindergarten, which mean that encoding may be deeply rooted learning habits. Therefore practicing numerous encoding methods may vary depending on the amount of encoding experience you may have.

Additional Skills:

Practicing the following in sequence can benefit you immensely:

(1) basic memory mechanics

(2) proven encoding methods that work for you

(3) Adding additional skills to enhance brain encoding methods, which can increase amount of information brain encodes. Your brain muscle should be positioned, ready and prepared to practice additional skills to enhance encoding information in the brain.