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Why Smaller Classes Aren't Enough
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> Per-student funding for class size reduction was not enough to cover the cost for already under-funded districts.
> School had to hire new teachers, many of them not certificated, to meet the needs to make their classes smaller.
> Serious overcrowding issues forced schools to ?cannibalize? other needed facilities?special education rooms, child care centers, art and music rooms,or rent portable classrooms to accommodate the need for more classrooms.
> The high cost of implementing class size reduction made it difficult to fund other education needs.

Class size reduction, in and of it, is not the answer to all the problems in education. In order for a classroom to be effective, it must have a qualified teacher and adequate facilities. When weighing the advantages of class size reduction, schools, districts and states must consider these questions:

> Will there be enough resources to provide for high-quality teachers?
> Will there be adequate facilities to provide for the necessary classrooms?
> Will putting money into class size reduction take away money from other programs, such as art, music and child care?