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Importance of English language to us
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This article is not against any Languages and It is either not to critisis any other languages . It Provide you the information how to use English language and How much is this Language Important for Communication

Importance of English language:

English language is an international language. It is just like a window through which one can see this world. Generally, different regions of the world have different variations in English language people of the regions speak. In spoken English one does not think about English grammar. Some times those who speak English they leave some phrases and pronouns in their speaking. Those pronouns and phrases can be understood internally by other ones who join in conversation.

English language is formed by mixing of different languages such as latin, Greek and French etc., English language get beauty when we use idioms in it. For example, he kicked his bucket yesterday. In this sentence, we can find the idiom "kicked his bucket". This idiom means "he died". One of the important point to remember in English language is to use variety of words to make the language more effective. For that purpose, one has to develop vocabulary. It is better to remember at least five words meaning per day. One can speak in English effectively with 1500 words. But Oxford experts said that there is no limit for learning of English words. Some websites provide excellent features to students to know more new words with definitions. As vocabulary is important to speak and write in attractive mode to people who are interested in English, so online learning English websites are useful to satisfy the thrust of the students who have interest in English language. Some websites have features to know the meaning of the word with pronounciation

Now-a-days, there are more number of spoken English institutes to have better command on English language. Only will to learn to speak in English is enough for students even they join in any spoken English institute.

As spoken English takes important role in present situation, every student needs certain communication skills in English language. Those skills are useful after even students have completed professional qualification. Even companies give importance to students having excellent communicative skills in English.

English is connective language. This does not stand on its own because this language takes different words from different language such Latin, Greek and French etc., But it is must for everyone to learn English for to connect with outer world.