Science in human life
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Need of science in human life:

Now-a-days, science and technology commands every dimension of human life. Without technology, we can not imagine even single day. It is impossible for human beings to live happy without technical resources. Can we imagine if there is no electricity what is the situation happens? Ancient people lived without any technical resources. But days are going on, human brain quest for new dimensions to live more comfort using natural resources. From those resources, that human brain develops more branches in education. For comfortable life, one has to arrange facilities which meets one`s requirements.

Before inventing electric bulb, people live with lamps to spend nights. But,after invention of electricity by Michael Faraday, a new trend came that gave potentiality to human being to live with more comfort. On the base of that knowledge, human brain discovers many things that are useful for mankind. In view of this approaches, one has given importance to science. What is science?
Science is a truth that can be observed by anything in the same manner and that can be used by anyone. That is not for a special category of people.

Science is an ocean. An ocean is mixed up with many rivers comes from different regions. Like that, many branches in science subject make it much importance given by mankind. In science, there are two types.
1. Natural sciences
2. Social sciences
Generally, pupil study the science subject at primary stage as prescribed above.

In natural sciences one study about the topics in biological science and physical sciences. In physical sciences, there are two branches that are Physics and Chemistry.


Physics is the subject that deals with matter and energy. Scientists who study on matter and energy named as Physicists. Physics is sub-divided into many branches to have discrimination between the topics in Physics subject.
In physics, first scientists study about mechanics after they divert their interest on micro properties of particles. From the study of particle, the following subjects are developed.
1. Nuclear Physics
2. Electricity
3. Electronics etc.,

Study on the motion of the bodies and particles, the following two streams of mechanics are developed.
1. Classical mechanics
2. Quantum Mechanics


Chemistry is the science of matter, especially its properties, structure, composition, behavior, reactions, interactions and the changes it undergoes.Chemistry is sometimes called "the central science" because it connects physics with other natural sciences such as astronomy, geology and biology.


According to me, there is no end to the knowledge in science. Every second in the world, a human brain quest for a new thing that makes the life of people more comfort. If we observe in present cell phones are used for communication. 15 years ago, only through land phones one can interact with another. Because of cell phones and internet, the total world becomes a global village.