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Pharma sector is one of the fastest growing fields in India. Most of the global names of pharma like Abott, Pfizer, Merck etc. are expanding their business in India. India is one of the largest supplier of cheap generic drugs to the world. Indian based pharma companies like Torrent, Cipla, Ranbaxy have their global presence.

Various courses in Pharmacy: To work in pharma company one can opt from one of the following educational courses- 
1. D.pharma
2. B.pharma
3. M.pharma
4. Ph.D
5. Pharm.D

 1. D.pharma: Diploma in pharmacy is of three years. One can go for it after passing senior secondary. After D.pharma one can either go for industry or can open his own medical shop. The starting earning in the industry ranges from 6000 to 8000. There is no limit for money in medical shop.

2. B.pharma: It is of 4 years. Anyone who has passed higher secondary from science stream can join B.pharma. Students who has done D.pharma can take direct admission in 2nd year of B. Pharma. One can opt in for production, marketing or can go for govt. sector as drug inspector. Earning ranges from 12000 to 15000 per month in the starting. There is very rapid growth in the marketing but requires lot of hard work.
3. M.pharma: It is of two years and one can opt for it after B.pharma. One can earn 18000 to 22000 in the starting in industry. One can join teaching or can go for the R&D after M.pharma. 
4. Ph.D: It is the highest degree of pharmacy. There is great scope in research for a Ph.D in pharmacy. 
5. Pharm.D: It is the new course approved by the PCI having a duration of 6 years after higher secondary. This course is crafted for those who wish to practice pharmacy specially in western countries. 

Institutes offering pharmacy courses:

  1. B.H.U.
  2. P.U.
  3. DIPSAR, Delhi university
  4. JSS college of pharmacy, Ooty
  5. Nirma university
  6. L.M. college of pharmacy
  7. Al ameen college of pharmacy

Conclusion: Pharma sector is still a new field and it will take 5-10 years more to establish fully in India. Also the starting salary is also not very good but after 2-3 year of experience one starts earning heavily.

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