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English is a language, which is considered as the international language and most of other state and local companies need candidates who speak fluent English. This Language is a most preferred language. Without the knowledge of English, one cannot survive in the modern competitive world. It`s advisable to learn proper English to flourish in life. 

Why only English Language
English is brought into existence in around 5th century AD by the Germans. Later it has been considered as the dominant language in the United Kingdom and spread across the other parts of the world. English is considered as the second largest spoken language in the world as per information provided by the Language Authority Control. There are 26 alphabets in the English language that also consists of the 5 vowels in it (A, E, I, O, U). Over 400 billion people speak English around the continents.

How to Speak English fluently
For one to speak English fluently, Dictionary is the most used to know the vocabulary and the meaning for the words. It`s suggested for getting the fluency in English, use English to English dictionary that will give the meaning and the sentence formation for the words to be used in proper tense.

Only in Three Steps:
To fluently speak this language, one must follow the below three steps:

1. Read lot of English articles, which will help you to know the correct sentence formation, tense used, information about the active and passive voice, usage of the verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunction, prepositions, and other stuffs. This process is called Identification.

2. Once you read, try to speak. Avoid grammatical errors while speaking. Pronunciations are the most important thing while speaking the language. Correct pronounce of the words will attract lots of listeners towards your speech. This will help to improve your confidence level and makes to converse in better way. This process is known as Integration.

3. The final stage is Listening. One should be keen on listening to get the fluency in this language. If you follow the above lifecycle of Read, Speak and Listen, you can master the English language. Also you should be aware of the consonants (Silent) loud and clear sound to excel in this language.

Four rules for practicing this language
Rule1: Speak it loudly
Rule2: Think in English
Rule3: More you speak loud, the more you learn
Rule4: Never make a mistake while speaking

Follow these instruction and also if you dont feel these article is not sufficient for you to speak fluent English. Only Best way is to approach English Spoken language institutions.

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