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Is this your first interview ?

In today’s tough job market scenario it is of utmost importance for the job seekers to hone their interview skills. Though, the style of interview varies depending on the role but some basic ways to create a good impression stays intact.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways wherein we can create a long-lasting impression:

1.Handle with care: A firm handshake, with a smile and good eye contact is an ideal way to start the interview procedure. Please avoid the shaky and lazy handshake at any cost.

2.Bull’s eye: Looking at the interviewer in the eye shows that you are confident and can communicate with conviction, It also reflects that one is sure and honest.

3.Impressive dressing: Dress appropriately, Men with clean shirt and trousers added with well polished shoes and combed hair. Ladies with formal suit, sari or salwar-suit, with no flashy jewellery.

4.Be on time: Its better to arrive a little early, this will give you the time to relax and calm down.

5.Ask Question: Please ask questions about the firm, it shows you are well prepared and is inclined to know more.

6.Don’t indulge in casual talking: Never at any time, be casual with your talking, as they are management body and not your mate.

7.Thank Them: Finally, when the interview is over, thank the interviewer with a firm handshake, good eye contact and smile.