Kinder Garden
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I wait eagerly
for the sunset,
when the eternal rays of light ,
are extinguished by the cool ocean.
Then one by one ,
my lifelong friends come out to play,
they shine like a gold mine,
waiting to be discovered ,
They beckon me forward and whisper
come to play.....
come to play.......
Then they pull me into my imaginary world ,
A world of peace ,
A world of silence ,
Like a mother, they take care of me,
Like a friend they talk to me
My best friend is the Dipper,
who always teaches me
After him comes the orion ,
who teaches me to be brave,
and not to cower,
before my fate
The evil snake ,
slithers into my garden of Eden ,
and tries to pollute my happiness,
Orion tries in vain,
to destroy the beast,
But like a mouse before a cat,
He admits defeat make way...... make way......

Here comes the moon,
the ruler of the night sky ,
He destroys the reptile ,
and restores peace ,
we cheer and chant ,
for happiness
We play through the night ,
have fun and frolic,
I forget my sadness ,
my ailments
And forgive those ,
who have hurt me,
by the serenity of my world.....
by the happiness of my world ....
But then the dreaded moment comes ,
The extinguished ball of fire,
is re-lit and I part from my friends I wait eagerly,
for the sunset, once again......