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What should you do to get a Job after Graduation
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Did you enjoy your college days? I too enjoyed my college days. College days will be the most memorable days in our life next to school days. You would have enjoyed a lot and when the concept of enjoyment comes into picture, then probably there would have been some slip in your concentration in studies. But somehow you made up finally, cleared your papers and now you are a graduate. Feeling proud isn`t it? But this alone won`t bring you fame and happiness, unless and until you get a job. I didn`t mean a job which you get for time being to fill your pocket alone, but I am insisting the job which settles your life. Most of you would have thought about this only after you came out of the college or probably on the final days of your college. Now you will feel that you made some mistake to concentrate properly on our subject, which failed to get you a job before you come out of the college and probably you will be finding a way to come up. If that is true then this article will definite help you to get at least some basic idea of what to do next? This article is also applicable for those who are searching for a job and not knowing how to move further.

Decide your career of interest:

When I think about the career of interest, the advertisement which used will always come into mind. A cricketer will be asked to wash the clothes, what they mean is that he didn`t get his career of his interest and talent and instead asked to do a job which is not suitable for him. Why I am highlighting this context is that once you get into a field which you feel is not of your interest or passion and of course you will work enthusiastically for few years. But after few years probably you may feel that you have taken a wrong career, just like that in the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, but in a different context. It will be very hard to turn back and start a new career. So I would suggest you to decide a career of interest and passion and then take your steps accordingly. Your goal should be fixed in mind and move along the same pathway.

Don`t you have any particular interest?

Many of you will be aware about your area of interest, but definitely there will be someone who is not aware about any of his interest, but simply he just want to get some good job which settles his life. Are you such a person who is ready to take any job which brightens your life? Don`t worry; let me give some basic hint of what to choose as your career.

Hint to careers:

Let me give you some core idea of where to move and what to choose as your career. But however it is you who have to decide on what to choose. After graduation there are few areas you can particularly concentrate to get a job, depending on your interest. Let me figure out something,

1. Companies based on your core subject – it includes government, public sectors and private sectors.

2. Companies based on Information Technology.

3. Career through competitive exams.

4. Others

Companies based on your core subject:

You can choose a career from your core subject. It may be Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering or even Commerce. The best thing is to go into your core subject. It means you are going to work in the field which you did your graduation.

Information technology:

Career in IT field comprises of BPO as well. Apart from IT and Computer Science student, it will be a new arena for many. But if you are interested it is easy to grasp.

Competitive examination:

Competitive examination in sense all open examination for which a basic graduation is the essential qualification. Your nature of job probably may be different from your subject specialization, but if you are interested some bright careers are available. Civil Service Examination, Combined Defense Service Examination, Examination conducted by Staff Selection Committee, Railway Recruitment Board, and Bank Examinations are few to be noted.


There are also some other career which you can choose if you are really interested. Business, converting your hobby into career, modeling, acting and similar fields comes into this category.

Preparation strategy:

Let me give the preparation strategy for the first three categories alone,

1. Be strong in your basic: If you really want a career in your core subject, then you are supposed to be very strong in it. So make your foundation strong, if you feel that you are week in your basic then this the proper time to revisit your books from the first year. Read again and understand the concepts properly. Understanding the concepts in sense you should know the practical implications of the concept your read, only then it will remain in your mind and will be useful for your career. To evaluate yourself there are lot of books available in the market to test your objective skill. But keep in mind, just reading out the objective questions alone just for the examination sake will pull your leg in the interview where probably you will be asked to explain the concept or made apply the concept.

2. Aptitude: Now a days aptitude is the common thing asked everywhere, even civil service is reformed into Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). So practice aptitude questions. I would suggest you to buy set of books from the author R.S.Agarwal. This will be more than sufficient.

3. For competitive exams you need to follow books and strategies according to the exam which you are going to prepare.

4. Develop your communication skills.

5. Attend all examinations and interviews. It will increase your confidence.

6. Don`t listen to people who try sowing negative attitude in you. There will be definitely some people around who always try to invest some negative attitude in you. They will always have a common dialogue, "It`s very tough and we cannot do it" or "The competition is very high in our nation". Don`t listen to these cowards. Remain yourself that nothing is impossible.

7. Develop you personality. Here the personality doesn`t refer to grooming yourself. It refers to developing your overall skills. The way you present yourself, postures, gestures, confidence, speaking skills and attitude will have a positive effect during your interview. Now-a- days there are lot of institutes which are conducting Personality development courses. If you have bad opinion within yourself about your personality, then you are advised to attend the course or at least read some books like, "You Can Win" By Shiv Kera. They can help you in molding yourself as a better competitor in this fast moving world.

Confidence matters:

Finally let me conclude with a inspiring story." There was a person whose age will be around 40+. He was moving towards a mountain with an intention to climb it till the cliff. It was his ambition for long time and with an intention to full fill it he started moving towards it. It was heavily raining and when he crossed a house at the bottom of the mountain, a woman in the nearby house asked him about his where about. He explained her everything and she suddenly replied that it is raining heavily and the rocks are very slippery, so it will be a danger for his life if he continues further. He laughed and replied, "My mind and soul have already reached the destination and only my body is following it, so it will not be a problem for me to reach my destination." So as said in the story fix your aim and work for it. Definitely you will be in your desired destination.