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Language learning begins in mind so here I shall describe how to prepare our mind to learn English Language? 

Preparation of Mind :
When a person start language learning, He/She may face many problems. The language learning starts in our mind but how can we express the feelings of our mind? While we learn any language it is difficult to speak as we hesitate that we can speak something wrong and someone make fun of us. This is a part of language learning and we don`t need to hesitate with it.
There are some tips that will help you with this problem:
Before going for language learning in our case a good command over the English language, we have to concentrate in certain things.

In the beginning :

we should have an imagination. We should imagine like having a picture in the mind, we are already communicating with good words in front of other peoples. Is should be supported by a proper preparation, Inputs and focus.

Formal & Informal way of Communication :
Any language can be used in two different senses. In the casual way and in a formal way. When it comes to using a language casually, we didn`t worry much about rules. In fact , we are not maintaining purity in the language. We may mix a lot of other languages words. We may not follow all the important rules of grammar. We may not be serious about pronunciation etc.
But when it comes to using a language formally, we have to synchronized a lot of things like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, body language, etiquette`s etc. 
Learn more by putting questions :
Language bidding starts by putting a lot of questions. Mathematically we got a lot of chances to put more questions from the answers we get from the other end. 
The followings are the ways of putting questions:
am, is, are?
was, were?
what, when, who, which, how?
do, does, did?
has, have, had?
can, could, should, must, may?
for, from, through, to?
You can learn more English by putting a lot of questions with the above words. This will also increase your level of confidence.

Some rules that may help you to learn faster :

Listening is the key of learning any language. If you listen lots of understandable English then you can surely improve your English. You may listen to short stories, English News Channels, Movies. But remember one thing that all these things are understandable for you. If you do not understand what you listened then you can`t speak it. Listening lots of understandable English will also improve your pronunciation. Second thing that will help you to improve your English is reading lots of novels, short stories, child stories etc. While choosing novels or whatever you like to read, make yourself sure about your vocabulary. You shouldn`t use your dictionary very often while reading those novels or short stories. As this learning will become hard for you. Just increase your level of learning one by one. Finally you will observe the good writing skills. At the end, One more thing I want to say that language learning is a very long and complex process so you need to work hard in a consistent way.