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Interview Process and dont know how to perform or your are loosing the job even though you knew the subject, Carefully fallows instructions and tips which we are providing to you

The common and most expected questions to be asked in the first job interview. This interview questions and tips will help you to develop self confidence to face interviewer for the first time in life.

Interview is an opportunity for applicant and interviewer to exchange the views/information. Mostly interviewers (employers) are looking for required and suitable skills, knowledge, motivation and self-confidence regarding job. Your goal is to show some positive things that are required by them. You need to prove why you are different and suitable compared to others. On the other side you can evaluate whether company is suitable to your career. It is an opportunity for both parties to market themselves. The interviewer tries to sell the organization to you, and you are marketing your skills, knowledge, and personality to the employer. 
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Preparing for Interview : 
Preparation for interview is a critical part of an interview. Spend time in research and thinking about yourself, the organization, the occupation. 
Keep knowledge of/aware of followings:
Self assessment : 
This ensures complete inventory of skills, experience, and personal attributes.
Skills are of two types, one is technical and other generic. Technical skills are required to perform a job task. Generic skills are those which ensure proper working environment, handle the peoples, versatility, communications, time management, team players which help you to perform your task as technical person. 

While researching yourself, identify your experience and skills that is important and ask yourself following interview questions:

What are my goals? 

What are my strength and weakness?

What are my good qualities to direct employer`s attention?  

Knowledge about the Occupation :  
Research about the occupation is necessary because this information will help you to convince employer why you are suitable for job. Know about how to deal with salary related factors. Have updates about the occupation. Do not forget to carry original documents which proves your educational qualifications. 
Knowledge about the Organization : 
Have knowledge about company, location, size, its current position in market, its history and reputation, recent changes, products and services. This information can be obtained from internet, current and past employees of the organization. 
Dressing and Appearance: 
Your performance as candidate not only depends on how well you answer the interview questions, but also on physical appearance and look. 
"The way a person dresses is the single biggest non-verbal communication you make about yourself." Quoted by Joe Hodowanes, 
Dressing for men involves long sleeved shirt (not short shirt) without rolling up sleeves. Tie is optional. Belts should match your footings. Have a proper hair dressing. Dressing for women involves business suits, Footings and hair dressing should be appropriate. 
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Interview atmosphere: Generally interview generally consists of two or more than two members. One of them is chairman of the interview who is not the subject expert but he generally starts the interview or opens the interview. He asks following general interview questions:
Tell me about yourself (One of the most asked question in any interview).
Generally interviewer expects details like full name, family background, and educational qualifications, & relevant experience if any. Do not be so nervous. Do not show this by your body language. 

Main phase of Interview:This phase is most critical in which candidate is examined based on his/her subject knowledge, practical knowledge, behavioral aspects, personality and attitude. Ensure followings: 

Smile often. 
Shake hand firmly
Do not seat until asked for.
Keep your answers short and positive.
Think and maintain eye contact before answering. 
Do not answer the interview questions which are not familiar with you. If you are not sure about answer accept it but never waste time in answer unknown interview questions because these will make negative impression as well as you overall performance will go down. 
Closure of interview: 
When interviewer offers you to ask any questions, ask about your future job profile, location of work, your overall performance and etc. Also keep in mind following things: 
Do not forget to thank interviewer for their time 
Do not directly ask until you are told to 
Shake hand firmly when interview offer her/his hand

Follow these tips success will be your`s

All the best