M.B.A. programmes in India
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This article contains full information about M.B.A. programmes. In this resource, I have specified the importance of specializations in M.B.A. I have mentioned different programmes offered by different universities in India. I have specified how to prepare for M.B.A. entrance exams conducted by different business schools in India.
Information on M.B.A.:
Education is an important factor to build a good career. So, today business expands its limits to various points that needs more skillful persons. For that purpose, most of companies eagerly search for best scholars who have completed M.B.A. What is M.B.A? M.B.A is Master of Business Administration.
During the course of M.B.A. one can business techniques, leadership techniques and management techniques which supports management. Maximum number of industries they prefer the candidates who have completed M.B.A. They think that a M.B.A holder can solve any business deficit using techniques which has learnt by him. This degree gives a student to be commitment and sincere to the management.
Information on specializations in M.B.A:
M.B.A. has following specializations as below
1.Finance: This specialization has great opportunity as investment bank concept needs more number of candidates which are having M.B.A. finance specialization. According to recruiter and salary survey, nearly 20% M.B.A finance holders are required for investment banks.
2. Health(Pharmaceuticals):
Now-a-days, this specialization in M.B.A is demanded by most of pharmaceutical companies for their growth of business in the field of sales of medicines. Most of these companies work from North America. Europe is the second place to have 30% providing opportunities to M.B.A. health holders. In 2006-07, Johnson&Johnson which recruits nearly 301 full time 147internship MBAs. So, such importance this specialization has.
This is the important specialization in M.B.A. Every consultant agency needs candidates have M.B.A. Consultancy specialization in M.B.A. is the fundamental entry qualification in consultancy firms. Most of consultancy firms hire M.B.A with consultancy specialization with salaries of US95000$. These consultancy firms give salaries more to candidates with this specialization from US schools than European schools.
4. Information technology:
All the business management needs database management for which IT background is must for a candidate. Through this specialization, candidate is needed to solve the hardware and software problems related to business. Candidates with this specialization definitely hold the position of strategic analysts in telecommunications and financial sector.
5. Telecommunications:
A candidate with telecommunications specialization is needed in services sector. In the market, many telecommunications companies with different offers. Those companies which all converges their strategies on global communications with business tools provided by the candidates with telecommunications specialization.
A candidate with media specialization can stand on his own legs with skills of managerial experience in arts, journalism and media. This specialization has good opportunities in news agencies.
This specialization in M.B.A. is needed by industrial sector to imbibe skills to develop business firms according to new changes occur into marketing strategy. Mainly, this programme is allotted to candidates who have creativity to implement new strategies when industry sector is changing.
I have discussed about specializations in M.B.A. so far

 Information on salaries for M.B.A candidates:

Now I would like to give information how much salaries are given to M.B.A. In M.B.A. Human resources one can get nearly 5lakhs per annum. For M.B.A. Information technology, one can get nearly 10lakhs per year. For M.B.A. Marketing, one can get nearly 6lakhs per year. But, M.B.A. completed in reputed business schools like IIMS,ISB and XLRI will get above specified salaries. Depending upon the efficiency and experience, one who has M.B.A. gets even 15 to 20 lakhs per year.
Between 2009-2010, average salary of freshers who completed M.B.A was increased by 9%. As per survey by companies, between 2009 and 2010, average salary of freshers who completed M.B.A. was increased by 1 lakh rupees. But, senior M.B.As who worked in business companies who have not that much increase in their salaries compare with M.B.A. freshers.
Information on M.B.A online and part time programmes:
The following universities offer online M.B.A. programmes in India.
1. Karnataka state open university
2. Uttarakand open university etc.,
The best university that offer part time M.B.A. programme is University of Delhi. The following institutes offer part time M.B.A. programme
1. Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad
2. National Management school, Chennai etc.,

 How to prepare for M.B.A. entrance exam:

To prepare M.B.A entrance, candidate should have depth knowledge in management studies. Candidate should have knowledge in the following topics.
1.Quantitative aptitude
7.English knowledge and general awareness and knowledge.
Selection of candidates for M.B.A. admission is conducted on the basis of group discussion and interview.