Why we should read books
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Books are of different kinds , they are like different people. It gives us knowledge and share the knowledge. Most of us hates reading books and love to listen the news , just make reading books as your habit then you can read sppeed up reading skills, can enhance your knowledge. we explain you why you should read books. Books are our teachers. We are related to books from our childhood. Students study from books as per their syllabus. They score good marks with the help of these books. In school life or in college life books are mostly related to syllabus.

Scope for books
Our relation to books is not limited to only for school or college life. There are many other types of books, which are very useful for our knowledge. These books cover different topics such as history, geography, travel, health, religious, entertainment, medicines etc. Children, younger, adults and senior citizens all read books according to their interest.

whatHistory Books say:
History books tell past of nations. These books tell life of different kings, queens and important historical persons. We can understand major events in the past with the help of these books. These books teach us good things in the past. These books teach what wrong decisions were taken in the past. From this we can improve our life.

How to read Geography Books:
Books related to travel or geography tells us different nations or important places in the world. From these books we can understand different areas, living standard of people in that area. We can understand rules & norms of these areas. Due to geographical maps we can understand position of particular place on the earth.

Health Related Books:
Books related to health teach us how to be physically & mentally fit. These books tell us different exercise for fitness. These books tell us about good food for our body. These books give us information about calories, fats proteins etc. Some books are related to Yoga.

Religious Books:
Some books are related to religion. These books tell us what is good & what is wrong. These books tell us about god. We get happiness after reading these books.

Books for Entertainment:
Some books are for entertainment. Some books give good message while doing entertainment. Children like different comic books and books related to prince, princess, magic etc.

Books Related To Medicine:
Some books are related to medicines. These books give information about different plants or trees which can be used as medicine for different diseases. Aurveda is example of such books.

Why To Read Books?
Such a way books play major role in our life. We can understand many things with the help of these books. So it is good habit to read books. By reading good books there may be change in our attitude. Good books change whole life of human. If human follow good things written in books, his living standard may increase. Books are important till end of our life. So we have to read good books.