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India does not have a National language it has only official language
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Hindi is the Official language of Union of India and some states. Which is the National language of India?. What is Official language?. How many official languages are there in our Country? Find all answers to these questions in this article.

Which is the National language of India:

India is the only country in the world with most number of languages. There is wrong perception or understanding among the people that Hindi is the national Language of our Country. Hindi is only the Official language of the Union and some states in the Country. India do not have a national language.

What is official language:

The parliament of India had passed the official Languages Act in the year 1963. The Official languages Act 1963 specifies the languages which will be used for the official purposes of the Union Government , for transaction of business in Parliament, Government Offices of Union , State and other offices under the control of central Government. The Act has undergone many amendments to include more languages as Official language. As on today 23 languages are recognised the official language.

Assamese is considered as the Official language of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh. West Bengal, Tripura, Andaman & Nicobar have adopted Bengali as their Official language. Dogri and Kashmiri is the Official language of Jammu and Kashmir. Gujarati is the official language of dadra and Nagar haveli, Daman and diu, Gujarat, Arunachal pradesh, Bihar. Hindi is the Official language in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal pradesh, rajastan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand. Kannada is the official language in Karnataka and Konkani in Goa, maharashtra. Malayalam is the Officail language in Kerala, Andaman nicobar islands, Lakshadweep. Tamil is the official language in Tamil nadu and puduchery. Telugu is the Official language of Andhra Pradesh puducherry. Nepali is the Official language in Sikkim, West Bengal and Assam.

Why many official languages:

India is the Country of many languages. There are 23 languages which has been declared as Official language of Union and States. Hindi is the Official language of Union. The Union Government will correspond with the states in Hindi where Hindi is adopted as the official langauges. Where as in respect of other states where other than hindi is adopted as the official language , the Union is expcted to correspond in Hindi along with a translation in English.

The Official Languages Act 1963:

The official langauges Act 1963 is enacted to with the purpose of providing languages to be e used for the official purposes by the Union Government, transaction of business in Parliament etc,. Though the Union Government has adopted Hindi as the official language english is also used in Official transactions. Use of english in Official transaction of the centre has become essential in view of the fact some states do not use Hindi as the official language. The department of Official languages under the Union Government has adopted various measures for promoting in use of Hindi in official transactions in Government offices.