The real meaning of prayers
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Prayers are not meant for occurrence of miracles or to get good results instantly. When you pray you gain mental strength and hence you are able to think in intellectual terms. In this way you feel that life is easy.

What do prayers mean for many people?

Today due to the advancement in technology many people find themselves very busy for accomplishing tasks for material comfort and due not find time to engage in spiritual activities and hence do not spend time for prayers. Many people engage themselves in prayers for few minutes day. Some people spend more time for prayers. They believe that God bless them with various gifts of life and would make their life smoother. The people of yesteryears regularly prayed to God with a sense of fear that if they would not pray they would meet with some unfortunate events. The generation of today does not bother to spend time for prayers and due to the increasing number of atheists prayers is not laid much importance. Some people who although pray regularly expect results in a very quick manner. Some people especially who are not very educated believe that prayers bring them miracles. Many people pray for a certain period because they are told by their elders or gurus that they would seek whatever they would wish. But after praying if they do not yield their expected results then they curse in the name of God and stop praying. I have personally seen that many people have stopped praying when they score less marks in the examination. Most of the people literally believe that God is somebody who only is meant for fulfilling their dreams. Many people do not apply their common sense in their day-to-day life and want to depend on somebody who is supreme. Suppose if you fail in the examination despite of your rigorous prayers and hard work also, and then do not stop praying. May be, you failed in the exam because you did not apply your smart work. So instead, analyze the causes for your failures. If you have appeared for an university exam and you failed, may be you have not chosen the right subject. So why do you want to curse God? You must learn to think the meaning of prayers from the higher plane of life. They should stop idolizing God only to fulfill their dreams and to wait for the miracles to happen. Some people think that praying is a vague activity because it only involves chanting and some people think that the people become deviated from the real world and only involve in chanting for God.

Regular benefits that the prayers offer:

Everybody faces the stress in life due to their excessive workload in a day. They become frustrated and began to lose their sense of calmness very easily. If the frustration continues for many days and left uncared then the person becomes very depressed and become deviated from the real world. When a person is mentally stress then gradually he cannot perform routine activities in an efficient way. But if he learns to gain control over his mind at an early stage and becomes mentally energetic to go ahead in life then he has conquered many aspects of his life. Prayers strong help a person to get control over the daily stress of life and bring internal energy. Prayers are the form of exercise to the mind and the flow of blood and circulation process becomes smoother because the syllables or the words that are designed for prayers are tested by the ancient people. The prayers of Sanskrit use powerful words and Sanskrit is such a language that it gives an exercise to the mind. When the flow of blood is regular in the body then the person also experiences a sense of stabilization. When you pray continuously then you can develop stability of mind and hence you are able to think in a more intellectual way. When you learn to think in an intellectual way you can solve many knotty problems of life easily. In this easier you feel that life is easy for you and you learn to look at positive side of life. We lose the control of life and do not perform routine activities properly because we are frustrated and our mind becomes dull. When our mind becomes dull we do not develop the power to think when we encounter problems and hence we lose control of life.